’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Is Pedro’s Family Turning Him Against Chantel?

The Family Chantel

90 Day Fiance star Chantel and Pedro have been on a roller coaster since the day they got Chantel’s family involved. He doesn’t seem to like her family very much. On the other hand, Chantel accuses him of not respecting her family enough. Fans have been wondering for a while whether the couple will be able to survive the family drama. Their relationship has already been a rocky once since day one. It looks like they are exhausted of all the drama.

’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’: Chantel’s Concerns Regarding Pedro’s Family

Chantel and Pedro have been in plenty of fights whenever families have been involved. Chantel is worried that whenever Pedro meets his mother and sister, they try to poison his ears against her. However, he blames her of doing the same thing. This is when she points out the hypocrisy. The video of their argument has gone viral on Twitter. All commentators have to say is that they should split up. Their relationship seems like torture.

Some of the fans state that the parents and other family members should just stay out of the matters between the couple. Most of the comments are about accusing Pedro being a mama’s boy. One of the commentators even points out that he is just using Chantel for his own benefit and that she should dump him as soon as possible. Some people are better off without each other. Most viewers think the same way about Chantel and Pedro.

Pedro Says He Needs Some Time Off

During the argument, Pedro clearly states that because of what’s going on between the couple, they need some time off. He is going on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. At least that is what he says. He has been away from his family for quite some time and now he thinks he should meet them. But this has left most fans wondering whether he is tired of the relationship and is leaving Chantel for good.

Best Couples On 90 Day Fiance

Pedro confesses that he needs some time off. Even though some friends try to convince him to take Chantel with him, he refuses. Another red flag is that when Pedro was talking to the immigration lawyer, he asked him whether his green card is valid even after separating from Chantel. This has raised suspicions in Chantel’s mind regarding Pedro’s intentions of coming to the US.

Did Pedro really marry Chantel for the green card? Will he leave her after this vacation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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They will never be happy.Her family are two faced people,her Mother is so fake.Please don’t bring children into thie mess. Get out while you can. His family just plain crazy!