90 Day Fiance: Is Jonathan Rivera’s New Girl Better Than Fernanda Or Fernanda Herself?

90 Day Fiance

As we already know, 90 Day Fiance Jonathan Rivera has a new girlfriend. But now, he is taking it to the next level by going on a trip with her to the Caribbean islands. He recently posted on Instagram a picture of him and his new girlfriend captioning, “All I need in this life of sin.” The catch here is that both of them have covered their faces. After starring for a long time on 90 Day Fiance, Jonathan has definitely learned many lessons.

What’s Up With All The Faceless Pictures?

The last time Jonathan posted a pic of the two of them together, it was just their legs entangled in bed. Since then, fans have been wondering about who this mystery woman could be. He also posted a story regarding a vacation lasting for 10 days. Fans speculated the woman to be Kolini Fagata, Kalini Faagata’s sister. But she clarified that she doesn’t have a leg tattoo. When Jonathan and Fernanda broke up, he stated that during the time they were together, they had genuine feelings for each other. But she said stuff that she can never take back. To this day, he hasn’t forgiven her despite the apology.

90 Day Fiance Fans’ Reactions To Jonathan’s Mystery Woman

Since the time Jonathan posted the recent picture on Instagram, fans have been giving mixed reactions. Most people keep accusing him of seeking attention. One commentator pointed out that it makes no sense to post a picture with faces covered. Fans are considering this move as a desperate call for attention. Another fan pointed out whether Jonathan’s new girlfriend has something wrong with her face. One user seemed to be stuck in the 90 Days Fiance drama even after Jonathan’s season is over. She cautioned him to get a prenup this time.

A blunt comment stated that this relationship is not going to last as the girl looks like a typical Instagram model. One user thinks that the entire chaos is ridiculous. Others want to know the name of this mysterious woman.

Better Than Fernanda or Fernanda Herself?

The comments section took to a whole new level when one Instagram user pointed out that the girl in the picture is Fernanda. Of course, there are many who reply to her comments stating what features make a difference. The opinion of the majority is that the girl is a lot better than Fernanda as far as the looks are concerned.

Clearly, Jonathan is in the mood to tease the audience. The fact that he posted two pictures, both without clearly showing the face shows that he has no intentions of revealing the mystery woman’s identity any time soon. As commentators said, Jonathan should either show her or don’t if they want some privacy. It does seem like a measure to catch the attention of the audience. Who do you think this woman could be? Let us know in the comments below.


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I don’t think it is Fernanda? Her eyes almost look like Casey Anthony’s??


I thought that also.