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90 Day Fiance: Larissa's Assault Case Coming To Halt, Need To Give Up US Citizenship?

90 Day Fiance
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  1. Very interesting to read that Larissa is “interested in a career in the law”. Of course she’ll first have to get a US High School Diploma. Then she’ll need to get accepted in law school – the law keeps changing about whether or not an Undergraduate Bachelors’ Degree is required to enter law school (which is usually a 3-year program). I personally don’t see her as a student and her time might be better spent looking for a man with money to support her in the lifestyle she feels she deserves.

    1. Méiyou míngzì says:

      Great, then she can join the ranks of thousands of unemployed lolyers with nondischargeable 6 figure lol skool debt, working the doc review circuit. She is apparently totally ignorant about the lol skool skam.

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