90 Day Fiance: Jenny Says Sumit Don’t Want To Marry Me, Abandoned Her In Apartment

90 Day Fiance

Many couples on 90 Day Fiance come face to face with different cultural clashes. One of the most prominent examples includes Jenny and Sumit from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. The massive age gap is becoming another reason behind conflicts. Sumit’s parents don’t want him marrying a woman twice his age. So, Sumit has decided to marry Jenny and not tell his family about it. This is a very big step considering that going against the family to marry someone is not a norm in India.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way; Sumit Left Jenny Alone In The Apartment

In a recent clip, we can see that Jenny is talking to her daughter. She has meant to tell her something, and finally, she goes ahead with it. Jenny tells her that at the time Sumit isn’t there with her. Instead, he has gone to his family’s house. She also reveals that she is in the apartment all by herself. Her daughter stated that she thought he said that he moved for a job. Jenny then reveals that they are getting suspicious of him and are thinking that he might be up to something else.

Jenny’s daughter seemed to be baffled by the notion that her mother is in an apartment all by herself in a strange country. However, Jenny explains that Sumit is just going to his parent’s place to calm them down. He was worried that they might start searching for him and track him down.

Jenny Answers Her Daughter’s Questions

After hearing that Sumit has left Jenny alone in the apartment, her daughter was concerned. She asked how their relationship is going to work if this continues to happen. Jenny then says that Sumit is going to tell them what’s going on. However, her daughter is still shocked. Jenny tells the cameras that it’s really hard for her to stay alone in India. She misses her daughters and her grandkids. Her daughter had to cut the call as she was going to work.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way; Jenny Wondering Whether She Made a Mistake

90 Day Fiance

The cameras again show Jenny saying that different kinds of thoughts cross her mind when she is alone. She was also wondering whether she made a mistake coming all the way to India. She is also doubting whether he is ever going to marry her again. There is a possibility that he might not want to go against his family.

He has been making excuses for his family for a long time. One might wonder how long can this game of hiding and can go on earlier, Jenny revealed that she feels like a mistress with Sumit hiding her from the entire world. Jenny is definitely not a fan of Sumit keeping their relationship a secret.

Do you think he will come back to reunite with Jenny? Let us know in the comments below.


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Take your old ass home!!


Go home Jenny. His family is more important. You should have known better. He can’t break tradition. If he wants you, he will come to the USA.