90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester’s Offer Have Got Fans Outraged

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance fans know Jesse Meester as Darcey Silvia’s former flame. He is a physical trainer born in the Netherlands and is 25 years old. He likes to call himself the man candy. Darcey seems to have moved on, but Jesse is still under the radar. Their relationship experienced an immature breakup. Maybe they were too intense for each other. Speaking of intensity, Jesse has made some offers on his lifestyle website that has got fans all raged up. Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: What Does The Recent Instagram Post Reveal?

Talker_of_shits recently took to Instagram to reveal an offer that has taken fans by surprise. It’s merely a sample of what the guy has to offer to sell. The post says that if you possess$5k, you can book an appearance by Jesse Meester at your local Pizzeria. Moreover, if you have $10k, you can even get a promise ring. Everything is available on his website. People can directly book him for events, public appearances, and hosting.

Some other information includes that the validity is for two years from the booking date. He is available for international appearances as well. The charges exclude hotel and flight expenses. His management is going to determine the date via e-mail.

90 Day Fiance: Taking a Look At The Reactions From Fans

As soon as the post was out for the public, the backlash started to come in real soon. One fan sarcastically asked whether they can pay never to see this fellow again. Another said that this has got to be some kind of joke. One woman blamed him of being a narcissist and gaslighting Darcey. She calls him gay and blames him for not coming out even in 2019 when it’s all okay. She goes on to say that he abused Darcey and that nobody cares where he is.

Another commentator pointed out that he has already reduced his price. In the picture, we can see that the original price for an appearance was $6900 initially. After giving a 28% discount, the price is $5000. Someone also points out that he has been posting a lot of pictures with some woman. Surprisingly, the woman is not reciprocating even when he tags her in almost all of her pictures.

Fans Reference Jay Smith’s GoFundMe Campaign

One fan says that they would rather make a donation to Jay’s recently launched GFM campaign. Clearly, that says a lot about how this user feels about Jesse selling himself out.

Jesse has a degree in psychology and is the owner of several businesses. Since he thinks reality TV wasn’t enough, he is trying his hand at acting as well. Due to his military training, he secured a role in a movie named Free Flight. His agent passed the offer on to him due to his impressive physique. All that aside, fans are still not happy about the way he is selling out. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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Being cast for a movie and his “manager” turned it down because of his”impressive physique?” Really? If he’s willing to go to cheap pizza places WHY wold he turn down being in a movie???? This is too funny!!


Might want to re-read that, he landed the job because of his “impressive physique”, his manager passed it on to him…..