90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Slams Fernanda Portraying As A Domestic Violence Victim & Women Empowerment Icon

90 Day Fiance

Jonathan and Fernanda are one of the 90 Day Fiance couples who didn’t end up on amicable terms. After her marriage with Jonathan ended, Fernanda shared how she felt and some reasons behind the breakup. She mentioned that her ex-husband was careless with money and drank way too much. She called it an abusive relationship. However, Jonathan denied any such claims. In fact, Jonathan also stated that his attorney will handle false accusations. Moreover, he mentioned that Fernanda will do anything to stay in the country.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda’s Recent Flyer Making Some Noise

Fernanda is going to be a women empowerment speaker, and the flyer is making a lot of noise. The flyer stated that Fernanda went public with her abusive relationship. As a result, this enticed many young women. It also designates her as a TV personality, influencer, and a published model. According to that, she is also a survivor of domestic violence.

90 Day Fiance: What Do Fans Have To Say?

Let’s take a look at what fans have to say about her. One user questions Fernanda’s credibility and states that she is not necessarily as innocent as she claims. Another calls her opportunist and accuses her of doing anything to stay in the US. One commentator said that there was definitely some kind of abuse in the relationship. However, this doesn’t mean all of Fernanda’s claims are true.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Comments On Fernanda’s Flyer

Jonathan says that the attorney is all over the flyer, and there is going to be a problem for her. One fan said that Fernanda has already made a video on abuse. An attorney would have addressed it if there was something wrong. However, since there was no action on it, Jonathan might be wrong on this one.

Another user says that it’s important for Jonathan to protect his image now that he is living in Chicago. Moreover, Fernanda can’t call herself a survivor of domestic abuse if there has never been a police record against Jonathan. Some fans are saying that she isn’t saying Jonathan’s name anywhere. But it is clear that if she talks about the past four years anywhere, it is clear that it will be about Jonathan only.

90 Day Fiance: The Fallout Still Exists

Jonathan confirmed his breakup with Fernanda in January. She accused him of caring only about social media. Fernanda also said that he is going to be in touch with his followers. He is also very conscious of how many likes, comments, and followers he has. How do you think this flyer will affect Jonathan and Fernanda? Let us know in the comments below.


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