90 Day Fiance: Larissa Dos Santos Lima Attends 8 Domestic Violence Classes

90 Day Fiance

We all know that 90 Day Fiance Star Larissa has been in real trouble with domestic violence charges. Just before Colt and Larissa got married, she was arrested for domestic battery. When it happened once after they got married, Colt decided to press charges. A trial took place. Fortunately, the parties settled matters before the situation went out of hand. Currently, the reality TV star has been successful in staying out of legal trouble. If she continues to be on her best behavior, she will soon leave the assault case behind for good. 

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Makes Progress On Criminal Assault Case

The queen has attended a total of 8 counseling classes for domestic violence. According to the judge, there are 28 more to go over the course of 6 months. Moreover, she has to involve herself in a total of 48 hours of community service. Her next court date is on 4th September. Back in May, the judge ordered her to pay fine and engross herself in Justice Court Community Service Program. The community service was one of the ways the reality star was able to keep herself out of prison. 

She has a suspended jail sentence. For her to stay out of the bars, she has to make sure that Larissa doesn’t violate any terms and conditions. Colt and Larissa had a domestic dispute. He called the police and they arrested Larissa for domestic battery. 

90 Day Fiance: Colt And Larissa Have Moved On 

Larissa couldn’t be happier with her new boyfriend Eric. We recently saw a picture of Colt with a mystery woman in the car seat. Probably, Debbie took that picture from the backseat. It seems like they both have found new partners making them happy. Their marriage was short-lived. But the drama continued on for a long time. Larissa blames Debbie for her compromised married life. She never got along with Colt’s mom. The drama turned into hate for a while. Moreover, Colt even cut her off at one point, leaving Larissa with just enough money to buy lunch. 

Anyhow, things got better and the estranged couple moved on. It seems that Larissa is going to get to stay in the US if she keeps up with her good behavior. She is taking things slow with Eric. As for Colt, we don’t yet know who the mystery woman is. Their divorce finalized on 1st April. Larissa then took to Instagram to reveal that she had been in the US for a year. She also said that this year taught her a lot of new things. 

Do you think Larissa will manage to prevent herself from flipping out this time? Let us know whether she has a bright future in the comments below.

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