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90 Day Fiance: Larissa Is Not Getting Deported, Looking For A Family Law Attorney

90 Day Fiance
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  1. Janie Kelly says:

    She’s a nut job and Coltie and Dabbie are downright scary. I say kick all three of them out of the US. We have enough wack-jobs in our country without adding those three.

  2. Carmela says:

    Vote Trump! She should be deported!

    1. EBL says:

      Join Colt should be a man and move forward with his & Larissa relationship. ut he does not want a wife he has hi mommy. GROW UP Colt be a MAN not a mama’s boy. How did he get used.??? give me a break. he is lucky to have her in his life. Why is his mommy making his meals that is why he got a wife. All the best Larissa.

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