90 Day Fiance: Leida’s Suicide Attempt, Did Eric Abuse Her?

90 Day Fiance

Even though 90 Day Fiance isn’t airing new episode’s, the drama going on in the real lives of the cast members is keeping fans hooked. According to a text message exchange between Leida Rosenbrook and a friend, she said that she was on the verge of killing herself with a knife when Eric took the knife from her and started abusing her. But according to another chat, Eric was trying to control her and thus, he had to be stern.

Details About Leida’s Messages

The first conversation seemed like it was with a friend or a fan. Leida is looking for some friendly advice on her issues with Eric. We all are aware of the custody issues going on with the couple. Before Leida could say anything, the friend stopped her for a while and asked exactly how Eric abused her.

According to Leida’s text, Eric grabbed her hair to pull her up. He then locked her wrists to pull her aside. But the person on the other end pointed out that even her actions are out of the way to which she started getting into the details.

She says she doesn’t want to live with Eric anymore because of the abuse. At the time she sent the text she was in the hospital with the police. She was planning to seek shelter in Hope House, a place where they support victims of domestic violence. But in a totally different exchange, Eric says that she was uncontrollable and he had to do whatever it took to stop her from killing herself. He called the cops because she insisted and he intended no harm.

90 Day Fiance: Leida’s Phone Got Hacked

Leida says that she hasn’t leaked any text messages herself. The possibility is that her phone got hacked and someone else did it. Apart from these two exchanges, there is another conversation between Eric and Leida. It has the potential to catch the attention of fans from across the globe.

When Eric tries to explain Leida that he did not mean to abuse, she said that he scratched her scalp and he should stop lying about causing physical harm. To this, Eric replied that his fingernails never reached her scalp. Even the police had nothing to say about this.

Is It All a Game?

It is not a surprise that the couple has had a fair share of haters while the show was going on. This raises the question, is this series of events even real or made up by the couple? A day before these politics began, Eric posted a picture on Instagram in which the couple seems quite happy. The caption addresses haters and Eric says that when they have had enough, the couple will be back to making sweet memories.

Is the fight real or this is just a disguised attempt to entrap haters? Is Leida having a psychological abnormality or was the abuse by Eric for real? Let us know what you know in the comments below.