’90 Day Fiance’: Loren Brovarnik Revealed Her Baby Delivery With Surgery, Soon To Reveal Her Baby’s Gender

90 Day Fiance

Loren Brovarnik is all set to reveal the gender of her baby soon. She has called fans to ask her questions since most fans have been wondering about her pregnancy. The reality TV star didn’t give away way too many details. However, she did mention the way she plans to deliver her baby.

Loren Brovarnik revealed her baby delivery via surgery due in 5 months, also promised to announce the baby’s gender soon

90 Day Fiance: Loren And The Gender Reveal Of Her Baby

Loren and Alexei announced in October that they are expecting their first baby. Till now, this famous 90 Day Fiance couple has not revealed anything about the gender of the baby. However, there is a chance that Alexei might have accidentally given away some information. This can help fans guess the gender of the baby. What is it? Let’s find out.

90 Day Fiance: Did Alexei Just Use a Pronoun To Reveal His Baby’s Gender

In PIllow Talk, Alexie used ‘him’ when he was referring to the baby. Even though the couple has not given any confirmation about the gender of the baby, she says that she is going to let fans know sometime before the birth. However, if Alexei has made no mistake, the gender of the baby is no longer a mystery.

90 Day Fiance: No Natural Birth For Loren

During a QA, Loren revealed that she would be having a C-section. Her medical history makes it necessary for the reality TV star to have a C-section. However, she also mentioned that it has nothing to do with her Tourettes. She also said that being a planner is her specialty. This way, according to Loren, it will help her psychologically, emotionally, as well as mentally. When the time comes, the mom will be better prepared.

90 Day Fiance: Loren and Alexie Show Fans The Baby’s Features

Loren and Alexie are going to welcome their first child this spring. Their baby is due in May 2020. Loren has been ready to have a child for a long time. However, in their case, Alexie was a bit hesitant. He wanted to ensure that the couple was well-settled before they planned on expanding their family.

Even though Loren has not revealed the gender of the baby, she is showing some of the baby’s features to fans. One picture was of the foot of the baby. Another picture featured his leg. There is a chance that Alexie might not have meant that it was a boy. He could just have been using the pronoun as a general denotation for a fetus.

Tim will tell whether the couple will have a boy or a girl. Till then, stay tuned for some more 90 Day Fiance news!