90 Day Fiance: Major Twist While Robert and Anny Hunt For An Apartment?

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance Season 7 cast members Robert and Anny are now married, and they have an interesting backstory. Anny is from the Dominican Republic, and Robert is from the States. They hit it off online and decided to meet on a cruise. Just after they spent 8 hours together, Robert proposed to Anny. He knew at that moment that she was the one and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Now, they are checking out a new apartment. But the apartment hunt ends up with a major twist. Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Anny Not Pleased With The Twist In Her Apartment Hunting

Robert and Anny are looking for a new apartment, and they see the one which they both like. The master bedroom is enormous, and there is a separate room for Bryson. There is a lot of closet space for him to keep his toys. Moreover, Anny can store all her belongings in her and Robert’s room without cramming up the arrangement. She is extremely happy with each part of the house and can picture herself living in that space. She thinks that it’s a good place to relax, read, and sip coffee.

But of course, we are talking about 90 Day Fiance. Can anything go perfectly well without a punch of some drama? Nope! So, here it is. Robert told Anny that they are going to move to the new place soon. But now, he is telling her that he recently renewed the lease agreement for the apartment they are currently living in. She is obviously not a fan of waiting for a whole year to move to the new apartment.

90 Day Fiance: Amy Expresses Her Disappointment

Before Anny came to the States, he said that they would live in a new apartment. But Robert signed the lease, and after making Anny fall in love with the apartment, he said that they have to wait for a year. She doesn’t understand why she brought her to see the new place. The interaction obviously didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

After a long time, Robert and Anny are experiencing some peace in their relationship. Things became really tumulous when we found out that Robert has been hiding so much from Anny. Initially, Bryson was the only son she knew of. Moreover, he also didn’t tell her that Bryson’s grandmother is a pornstar. When Diamond Foxxx met Anny for the first time, she was asking questions that were way too personal.

This pissed Anny off, and she stormed off from the scene. Do you think Anny and Robert will be able to get over the sudden twist in their apartment hunting? Let us know in the comments below.

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