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'90 Day Fiance': Maria's Dating Profile She Uses To Catfish Men Like Caesar

90 Day Fiance
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  1. Doris says:

    I believe that he’s being catfish. All this girl is doing is taking advantage of him and because he’s so in love he cannot see past it. He needs to listen to his friends. She is doing nothing but using him or his money and because she knows he loves her she’s going to keep playing on that and she’s going to keep using he already sent her so much money is on ridiculously. I am pretty sure that he can find someone that will love him the same way he would love them. he doesn’t have to go across the world to find someone to love them. I wish him well but she is only using him and he needs to wake up before is super super too late.

    1. sandy wilson says:

      Probably is a group of Nigerian catfishers not just 1 girl…

    2. nina says:

      Ceasar is infatuated with the photo of this woman. She is catfishing in the most successful way—-she threw him a few crumbs and he supports her financially until the well runs dry. Even the voice on the phone that he hears sounds so cold and unfeeling toward him…definitely NOT a woman who is in love. And if she loves traveling so much, why not meet him in any of the vacation spots he has paid for ? He should contact the police in the Ukraine and fax her picture to them. They are probably familiar with her and can arrest her for extortion.

  2. Dami says:

    it looks like he is been catfish or is this one man show from the beginning?? We see some one call him but do we really see is call from Ukraine? You call research the number that she is calling from! Just like the Airline call. What kind of airline makes you call anything beside 800 number??? He didn’t know his card was rejected after all this week??
    FAKE STORY!!! His 15 minutes of acting is over!!!

  3. Yvette says:

    I want to know if she is Real she should be brought forward and confronted she is scamming fraudulent taking his money she should be dealt with and made an example out of

  4. karen says:

    not only is he gullible so are his friends, why doesn’t any of them sit with him when he talks to her and offer her a million bucks to video chat just to prove to him she is a fake. there are tons of ways they can open his eyes if they tried.

  5. Keith says:

    Her friend with the purple lipstick is hot. Who is she?