90 Day Fiance: Muslim Couple Omar Albakkour and Avery Mills’ Casting For ‘Before The 90 Days’

90 Day Fiance

When it comes to 90 Day Fiance, fans always seem to be developing an appetite for juicy plots. Well, to satisfy their hunger for more and more drama, TLC has decided to give them what they exactly want. To make the reality shows more interesting, TLC is going to cast the Muslim couple Omar Albakkour and Avery Mills in the spin-off of the franchise. The new couple is all ready to set fire to the stage of the 90 Day Fiance Spin-off, that is, ‘Before The 90 Days.’

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Let’s Meet Omar Albakkour and Avery Mills

Avery Mills is from Columbus, Ohio. This 20 something years old beauty fell in love with the Syrian Omar Albakkour. She also converted to Islam and adopted the customs of his religion. She proves her dedication towards Islam and her beau by wearing a hijab. Both of them follow Islam to its core. ‘Before The 90 Days’ shows the American counterpart traveling to a foreign land for the pursuit of her love. Her journey and how things unfold in the new land will be exciting to watch.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Avery’s Journey To Lebanon

Avery is yet to meet Omar Albakkour for the first time. Currently, she is still in Ohio. However, she is planning to pay a visit soon to the foreign land.

An interesting fact about Avery’s Twitter profile is that it is protected. As we have seen in the past, it is next to impossible to say away from prying eyes if you are on 90 Day Fiance. Maybe, once the new season of the spin-off airs, things might change their course. The same thing goes for Omar’s profile. If you have to know the details, you have got to be connected with him on Facebook. His profile reveals that he is currently pursuing a masters degree in Periodontology.

If we leave this information, the rest of the data is given in his native language. Native English speakers will find it next to impossible to comprehend anything just by looking at the gentleman’s profile. Once the upcoming season of the spin-off is underway, fans will start to gather more information via different sources.

Choosing Omar Albakkour and Avery Mills

As soon as the couple was approached with the offer, they didn’t take much time to accept it. Most other couples take months to make the decision. But the decision to cast the duo was taken in a single day without any objection. There is something special that the production saw in this couple. We will get to know more once the season kicks off. Perhaps the level of commitment Avery has shown by reverting into Islam is a fact that will keep fans hooked to the screens.

What do you think is going to happen in the 90 Day Fiance Spinoff? Will it match the previous season’s drama? Let us know in the comments below.