90 Day Fiance: Narkyia Asks American Ladies To Stop Paying Their Grown African Men, Narkiya And Lowo’s Relationship Under Stress?

90 Day Fiance

Even though seasons after seasons of 90 Day Fiance come to an end, fans can never seem to get enough of the show. They form an unspoken connection with their favorite couples. There are so many interesting love stories and related incidents, it is likely to relate yourself to one of these. The same goes for Narkyia and Lowo, one of the most popular 90 Day Fiance couples. They have been active on social media even after the show ended. They have had an interesting journey with a subtle hint of controversy.

Narkyia And Her Fitness Struggles

Narkiya has faced a lot of trolls in the past because of her weight. She has made some fitness goals and is sticking to it. Recently, she posted an update on Instagram regarding how her weight loss journey is going on. She was recently struggling between 298-300 lbs. Luckily, now, she is stable at 295 lbs.

Are Narkyia and Lowo From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

Recently, Narkyia took to Instagram to reveal that she gets a weird feeling when she sees a plus size American woman with three kids walking down the street with an African man. She urges the ladies to stop paying for grown African men. Her statement clearly pointed at those who are creating baits for Americans in order to get the green card. Narkyia giving such statements on social media makes fans question her relationship with Lowo.

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Narkyia’s statement on African men is raising many questions?? #90dayfiance #90df

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Another Instagram post suggests that they are still in touch with Jay and Ashley. It is a picture from the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After premiere. The party was held in New York City and they had the best time. Even though she didn’t tag everyone else, it sure seemed like the couple is indeed a part of the franchise.

Narkyia and Lowo From 90 Day Fiance: Rocky Course Of The Relationship

When Narkyia and Lowo From 90 Day Fiance tied the knot, all fans were shocked. There were so many red flags in this relationship, people wondered whether the two have committed a big mistake. The Nigerian native lied to Narkyia about having a deceased wife. He not only lied about his location in Vietnam but also claimed to be a Nigerian prince. Obviously, this led to major trust issues. The fact that her friends were also doubtful of the decision made it all even more challenging.

Speaking of whether the couple is still together, the recent pictures suggest that they are. However, some time ago, Narkyia stopped posting photos with her significant other. Instead, her social media handles were filled with memes that indicated a troubled relationship. On the 10th of February, she posted a quote suggesting that she lacks a certain level of emotional intimacy with her partner.

Certainly, the couple appears to be together despite all odds. Do you think tht their relationship is meant to last? Let us know in the comments below.

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