90 Day Fiance News: Drunk Ashley Pole Dances With The Bachelor Contestants

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance News: Looks like someone is ready to tell the world that she has completely moved on from a broken marriage. Yes, we’re talking about the famous Ashley Martson from 90 Day Fiance. Jay and Ashley made headlines while they were on the show. Moreover, they continued to gain more and more popularity even after their season got over. Let’s take a look at what Ashley is up to this time.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Drunk Dancing At a Party With Guys From The Bachelor

There are three video clips in which we can see her dancing crazy. She obviously has little control over herself, and the alcohol is doing most of the talking. In the first clip, we can see a guy pulling her hair. She is dirty dancing with the dudes. In another clip, one of the other girls fall down, and she doesn’t even bother to help her up.

90 Day Fiance: More Hatred For Ashley?

Fans have been showering Ashley with trolls and hate comments for as long as we can remember. She leaked her own wedding pictures with Jay and blamed it on someone else. Also, she has done many things to grab attention in the past. Moreover, she faked her break up with Jay while they were still together. All these factors combined have reduced fans’ respect for her. Since she lied to viewers on multiple occasions, they are spewing a lot of hate in her way. Let’s take a look at what fans have to say about her drunken pole dance.

Most fans are suggesting that Ashley should grow up and take care of her kids. Others are saying that Courtney shouldn’t even associate with her. Some call it embarrassing and express pity over her children for them having to see their mom like this. Meanwhile, Ashley looks carefree in the video and doesn’t seem to pay heed to any negative comments about her.

90 Day Fiance: What Is In For Ashley’s Future?

Ashley is done with Jay since he cheated on her for the second time. She managed to forgive him when he first started chatting with other women on Tinder. But after some time, they were at a barbershop, and Jay once again cheated on her. The second time, he hooked up with someone in the bathroom.

Ashley threw him out of the house, but he broke into her place when she was on a vacation. That is when she filed a PFA against him. But Jay violated it and got into a lot of trouble. After some trials and hearings, he is free now. Ashley is also enjoying her life to the fullest. Stay tuned for more updates. Stay tuned for more 90 Day Fiance updates.

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I’ve never liked Ashley. She seems like a scammer to me. Just wants attention.