90 Day Fiance: Everything About Nicole And Azan’s Summer Wedding In Morocco

90 Day Fiance

It seems like Nicole has scheduled another wedding this season. Most of 90 Day Fiance fans have trouble believing that it’s going to happen. The same thing goes for her family. One other 90 Day Fiance couple David and Annie expressed doubts on Nicole and Azan’s relationship. David mentioned that he is going to believe what he sees. He is not sure whether Azan loves her or not. Both Annie and David agreed on the fact that if they really want to get married, they will do it this time. If not, they won’t be rooting for them anymore.

90 Day Fiance Stars Nicole And Azan’s Wedding

Nicole and Azan’s wedding is apparently confirmed to take place this summer. However, this time, no member of her family is going to visit Morocco for the ceremony. The couple has been engaged for quite a long time. Viewers are definitely excited to see them tie the knot. Nicole is waiting until the end of June for her sister to get married. She then plans to make her move to Morocco. An insider revealed that none of her family members have any plans to join her except for her daughter May.

Her family feels burned out as they have already spent a lot of money. Moreover, no one has any idea where $6000 went. Nicole gave the amount to Azan to help him open his store. However, there is no such store in existence till this date. Speculations suggest that she just did it to get her family off her back.

Why Doesn’t Nicole Nafzinger Move To Morocco?

One fan asked her why Azan has to move to America. To this, Nicole replied that she is planning to get married and live in Morocco for some time with Azan and May. After that, she will get the visa process started. However, that doesn’t directly answer the question. The bigger question is, does Nicole have money for plane tickets and the expenses involving her wedding? Moreover, how do the newly married couple plan on supporting their household if Azan is still unemployed? If the employment situation in Morocco is not up to the mark, how will Nicole manage to live there?

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Nicole’s family is definitely not covering her finances in any way. One of her sisters has to pay for a college education. She herself is in a lot of debt. Her other sister doesn’t approve of the marriage. So, there is no way, she is going to help at all. The insider reveals that when it comes to Azan and Nicole, the entire family now backs out and let them handle it. Will they get married this time? Let us know in the comments below.


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K. Fish
K. Fish

He’s stringing her along! If he really wanted to marry her, he would have made every effort to do so! Also, to have May call him daddy is cruel. What will happen if Azan calls it quits? Nicole is looking for a baby daddy! Neither one has any money! She’s a sorry desperate naive woman!! I don’t think Nicole will be able to handle the cultural differences. She can’t show any signs of affection in public in Morocco. She will have to dress different than she does now. Azan has called her fat and lazy. Someone needs to show her… Read more »


I 100% agree with everything you said!

Georgia horton
Georgia horton

So obvious he doesn’t care for her and is just using her. How and where do they get money for a “vacation”? To Grenada? She’s very immature and naive!


Seeing is believing