90 Day Fiance: Shocking! Nicole Confesses To Her Mom About Azan’s Lie

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Nicole has always been in the limelight for spending too much on her trips to Morrocco. Her family has warned her about Azan and his intentions. Unfortunately, Nicole continues to spend on him. Earlier, she gave Azan $6000. When her family members ask her about it, she brushes them off saying that it is an investment for a shop. Whenever someone asks for an update on the shop, she gives vague answers. However, this time, she is going to put a stop to all the procrastination and come clean with her mom. In the recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Nicole confessed that there is no shop.

When Nicole’s mom asks her what they are going to do once she gets there, her expressions are blank. Considering that she has spent a lot of money on plane tickets, her mom is wondering about their financial plan. No business is easy to run. It requires a lot of time and efforts to keep it running. Nicole’s mom was shocked and disappointed over the fact that her daughter had been lying to her this entire time.

When the producer asked her why she made it up, she gave the vaguest answer ever. Nicole said that she wanted to get her family off her back. She said that they had postponed the wedding due to all the unnecessary pressure.

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Is Azan Interested In Marrying Nicole

According to what we have seen so far, there are various red flags that suggest that Azan might not be as much into Nicole. They have had a rocky relationship since the beginning. From Azan blaming Nicole about portraying an edited picture to them having intimacy issues, there is always something fishy with this couple. Most fans seem to think that Azan is using Nicole for all the money.

There have been allegations that suggest that Azan has multiple girlfriends in different countries. One of his girlfriends from Spain revealed in an interview that he just wants the green card so that he can bring his girlfriend from Morocco. Another news also suggested that Nicole is a laughing stock in Morrocco. Fans have been bashing her for being a bad parent. They call her selfish for spending all the money on Azan and herself instead of thinking about the welfare of her daughter.

The big question here is what happened to all that money? Where has Azan used $6500 that Nicole is not able to tell? Did he make up another lie to tell her off? Considering that they have postponed two weddings, things don’t look good for the couple. We still don’t know what happened to all the money. Azan recently canceled their trip to Grenada saying that it was a family emergency. However, we still don’t know what it was. Do you think Nicole’s family will stop supporting her after knowing that it was all a bunch of lies? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nicole is one dumb ass broad…she’s so desperate I think anyone can get over on her, which is fine, but her daughter doesn’t deserve being dragged in the mud along with her. mr.camel jockey azan aint even a good liar…he’s so obvious stevie wonder would of seen it!


All she cares about is publicity and the attention she is getting but she is a laughing stock of show he doesn’t love her or want her at all from the start he was interested only in the money the family should intervine and not help her financialy and take custody of the little girl cuz she is not in her right mind at this point she don’t know what she wants