’90 Day Fiance’: Paola Claps Back Fans, Slamming Her For Posting Revealing Pictures

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance star Paola has always been bold when it comes to her outfits. But it seems like constantly posting pictures in bold clothing hasn’t gone well with fans. Well, she is no stranger to clap back when trolls tell her what do do. Let’s take a look at the recent incident. 

90 Day Fiance: Follower Slams Paola For Posting Half-naked Pictures

Paola recently posted a picture that highlighted her body. In the caption, she wrote that we should be happy with what we have and keep working for what we want. But a follower spewed on some negativity in the comments section. 

According to the user, it’s okay to be proud of your body. But posting half-naked pictures every day can make one seem desperate for attention. The user also called her thrashy and told her to get some self-respect. 

Paola’s Perfect Response To The Troll

Even though the follower went on to say pretty nasty stuff about Paola, she was clearly not in the mood for listening to it all. Paola pointed out that she is a personal trainer, and the user can see her muscles. She also added that she loves to workout and inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Moreover, the reason behind exposing pictures is that she wants to advertise herself as a personal trainer. In Paola’s words, she does this to sell her skill. And of course, you can’t sell if you keep the store closed!

90 Day Fiance: Other Instances of Fans Shaming Paola

Earlier, Paola posted a picture of herself clad in a bikini, flaunting a sexy pose. There were both positive and negative comments on that one. One user said that she inspires people to live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, one of the followers also requested her to come to Tampa to train her. 

Another fan said that because of Paola’s motivation, she lost nearly 64 pounds. She also pointed out that there was nothing wrong with mothers looking beautiful.

But a troll commented on one of the other pictures that she has no respect for her husband. To that, Paola smugly mentioned that it was, in fact, Russ who clicked the picture. There was a time when Russ and Paola started to have some differences when she posed during her photoshoots. Apparently, she looked too sexy for him to be okay with. But later, as we all know it, he supported her all along.

What’s Going On With Russ and Paola Now?

90 Day Fiance couple Russ and Paola are happy parents of a little boy and they are living their lives well. Earlier, Paola was being a bit weird about Russ’s mom holding the baby. It shocked fans when the mom of one had a problem with the kid’s own grandmother holding him. But now, it seems that they have moved past awkward moments and have a happy marriage.

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