90 Day Fiance: Russ Slams Fans Who Accuses Him And Paola Of Compromising Their Son’s Safety

90 Day Fiance

When 90 Day Fiance couples become parents, they are usually targeted for the critics out there to dole out some expert parenting advice. They leave no stones unturned in finding fault with the stars’ parenting methods and always have something to say. The same thing recently happened to Paola and Russ. Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Did Paola and Russ Put Baby Axel In Danger?

When it comes to the choices the couple makes as fas as parenting little Axel is concerned, they et a lot of critics. Recently, the family of three was riding in a car, and Paola was at the back sitting with baby Axel. She was making a video and telling people not to eat a turkey this Thanksgiving. In the meantime, someone caught that Russ had clipped the buckle in a weird way around Axel.

90 Day Fiance: Russ Defending Paola; Takes Responsibility For Buckling Axel

Russ takes the blame and defends Paola. Since she was the one sitting in the backseat, people were spewing hate on her. So, Russ addressed all the mom shamers and told them that it was he who buckled little Axel. He was quick to slap back at the critics and stated that their kid is their number one priority.

The couple recently celebrated Thanksgiving with his parents. It seems like the festive mood didn’t completely wear off from his mind. He urged them to be thankful for what they have. He also challenged his followers, saying that they are welcome to come at him. But he was clear about one thing. The reality TV star was adamant about ignoring all chatters.

90 Day Fiance: Paola and Russ Targeted By Online Trolls

Paola doesn’t feed Axel any meat products. Russ also shaved the baby’s head. These are some more reasons these parents are the number one target of fans’ critique.

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Moreover, Paola has been working hard at the gym after she had baby Axel. She posted a dance video that had sexual expressions and moves. She also wears shorts and revealing clothes. This makes fans even more aggravated.

No matter what, the couple gives fans a lot to discuss. It creates drama, and therefore, we will continue to see them on the Pillow Talk. As for the trolls and haters, Russ is never afraid to shoot back. He defends his wife, and they seem to be happy with each other. Despite all the drama, Paola gave rise to when Axel was born, Russ sides with her when the need comes.

Do you think we will get to see this couple again on some other 90 Day Fiance franchises? Let us know in the comments below.

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