90 Day Fiance Star Elizabeth Potthast’s New Movie: ‘Be Still and Know’

90 Day Fiance

Before starring in season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, Elizabeth was an aspiring actress. She even got some roles here and there including a cashier for a speaking role on Showtime’s Homeland. She was also a part of the 2012 movie Secrets In the Snow. Elizabeth turned her attention to reality TV after doing a couple of movies. It seems like now the reality star is turning her attention again to what she wanted in the first place. She has landed the role of one of the leads in the movie.

The movie is faith-based. The producers of the movie are the same as that of Secrets In The Snow. The movie is based on the premise that how people’s faith is tested in time of despair and how they rely on it for their betterment. It is a classic cabin movie with intense suspense as well as personal conflict.

90 day fiance

What Elizabeth Potthast’s New Movie Is About?

Be Still And Know is a classic suspense movie with a faith-based twist. There are plenty of jump-scares along with some personal conflicts among the characters. The faith-based film market is thriving and Be Still And Know is going to be an amazing addition. Elizabeth is going to play the role of a small town girl Sophia who leaves her native place to go to college in the city. She later reconnects with her friend CJ and insists that they reconnect with her in her grandparent’s cabin as they used to when they were kids.

CJ agrees and brings her friends Amber and Jocelyn along. The city girls embrace natural beauty. But when they discover a vagabond nearby, their thrill turns into fear. Thanks to his warning, they cut short their trip. But before the girls can head back, Sofia disappears. The girls are ridden with conflict and are unable to decide whether they are safer inside the cabin or outside.

90 Day Fiance: Elizabeth Was Pregnant While Filming

Elizabeth was pregnant when she was filming the movie. Her brother leaked the news only when she was early in her pregnancy. The movie is set to release in the fall of 2019. You can check out the behind the scenes pictures in the meantime. Even though there is no trailer or preview released yet, the plot seems quite interesting.

Considering the financial turmoil Elizabeth and Andrei are in, this movie is a hit can really help them out and the baby while Elizabeth is on her maternity leave. Considering that Andrei is not taking a stand for his family, this movie could be the help they need. He refused to ask for a job from Elizabeth’s dad because of his pride. How do you think the movie is going to perform? Do you think the plot has the power to eliminate the poverty-like situation the couple is facing? Let us know in the comments below.


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