Shock For Fans! This ’90 Day Fiance’ Star Has Made Up To Top 20 in American Idol

90 Day Fiance

This American Idol season is definitely going to be special for 90 Day Fiance fans. The premiere date of American Idol is nearing. The excitement level of the fans is at the peak! The show has been on since 2002 and it is the most long-running reality show on TV. Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, etc are some of the most talented artists the show has introduced us to. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan are going to be the judges while Ryan is going to host the award-winning show.

American Idol: Teasers And Sneak Peeks

The premiere date is around the corner and the show has been releasing teasers and sneak peeks to keep the fans on the hook. From all the ways the show’s producers are trying to adapt to keep fans on their tows, one of them includes showing a familiar face. 90 Day Fiance fans are shocked to see Evelyn Cormier show up among the top 20 contestants in American Idol Season 17.

90 Day Fiance Fans Are Not Happy With The Teaser!

Evelyn Cormier is going to be among the top 20 American Idol contestants. However, viewers are not happy about her being on the show. A major portion of the audience is furious at the producers for allowing her to audition in the first place. The reality TV star is married to David Vázquez Zermeño took who to Instagram to reveal that she is going to be competing on the American Idol season 7. A tidbit from the teasers revealed that she has secured her place among the top 20 on the show.

Fans Have Some Comments On Evelyn Cormier Making It To The List

Most of the fans were not aware of the fact that she even sings. Others wrote that she should get the criticism she deserves. One of the fans even called her singing weird and wanted the judges to turn her down. Another critique started to question the show’s credibility for selecting Evelyn Cormier. He said that it portrays how down American Idol has gone if they are giving Evelyn a chance.

Some fans are also questioning whether the show selected her for higher ratings. Of course, the 90 Day Fiance fans are going to divert their attention to the familiar face in a crowd full of strangers. Has American Idol played this gimmick for higher TRPs? Since 90 Day Fiance has escalating ratings, fans think American Idol producers have taken this step only to divert the fans to their own show. Most viewers are also aware of the fact that Evelyn Cormier isn’t that good of a singer. She is certainly not talented enough to be selected on a singing reality show.

The season 17 of American Idol is supposed to hit the screen on 3rd March. Are you shocked that Evelyn Cormier has attained a position in the top 20 of the American Idol? Do you think she deserves to be where she is? Or are the critiques being too hard on Evelyn? Let us know in the comments below.

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Evelyn should never have made it this far on American Idol. She used 90 Dy Fiance to try to get more exposure for her music. Her “romance” with David was just an after thought. She was very unpopular on 90 Dy Fiance because she came across as smug , controlling and selfish. In other words-she was just not likeable and her isolated upbringing showed in foolish statements that she would make.But regardless –if she had great talent–even those critical of her as a person would have to admit it. But in her case–her singing and song writing is just average… Read more »