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Shock For Fans! This '90 Day Fiance' Star Has Made Up To Top 20 in American Idol

90 Day Fiance
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  1. Elaine says:

    Evelyn should never have made it this far on American Idol. She used 90 Dy Fiance to try to get more exposure for her music. Her “romance” with David was just an after thought. She was very unpopular on 90 Dy Fiance because she came across as smug , controlling and selfish. In other words-she was just not likeable and her isolated upbringing showed in foolish statements that she would make.But regardless –if she had great talent–even those critical of her as a person would have to admit it. But in her case–her singing and song writing is just average if that. She might improve over time–but she needs to get out of New Hampshire and move to some place like LA where she can get proper coaching and training. But I don’t know if she can tear herself away from her tiny town life.