90 Day Fiance: Tell All Shooting Complete, Cast Members Partying Hard With Tom

90 Day Fiance

The shooting for 90 Day Fiance Tell All has come to a halt, and the alums are partying together. Tom and Syngin are the ones coming into the limelight as far as the party is concerned. It seems like these two have been the ones partying really hard. Let’s take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Has A Beer Belly

Syngin has been surrounded by a lot of worries on the show. He is becoming famous for his cool attitude and low maintenance style. Of course, compared to Tania, many fans call him a delight. But at this party, one interesting thing to note is his beer belly. The celebration took place in New York, and the cast was all present there.

90 Day Fiance

Tom and Syngin took a funny shot together. In the picture, we can see them embrace each other with fondness. In a solo picture of Syngin, we can see Tania in the background posing with other 90 Day Fiance alums. Everyone looks happy and in high spirits. In fact, they are all calling Syngin, the life of the party.

90 Day Fiance Cast’s Break From Dramatic Lives

Almost all relationships go through ups and downs. But the drama escalates to a whole new level when the entire world is watching you. High exposure to Television or social media can cause people to be extra vulnerable. Internet trolls and haters can sometimes make it impossible for people to have a peaceful life. Most 90 Day Fiance alums are new to the world of fame, and this can cause a lot of stress. In fact, they have to go through the drama all over again, considering the popularity they gain.

The party after filming the Tell All is an excellent stress buster for the entire cast. They have been facing a lot of adjustments, especially the partners who have come to the US from a distant land. Cultural differences, language barriers, and unsupportive family and friends can sometimes take a toll on a person’s peace of mind.

90 Day Fiance: Extra Enjoyment For Tom and Syngin

Syngin and Tom remained the highlights of the party. It seems like they enjoyed a bit more than the rest of the cast. Well, can we blame them? The way Darcey has been pressuring Tom into taking the next step must have taken a toll on him.

Moreover, they ultimately split up. No matter what, a breakup is always painful. On the other hand, we can see in the episodes that Syngin has a tough time since Tania decided to leave him for 30 days to go to Costa Rica. Stay tuned for more news on the 90 Day Fiance cast.