90 Day Fiance: The Other Way; Jenny With David And Anne, Has Jenny Returned To The US? – Hints Reunion Show

90 Day Fiance

Jenny recently took to her Instagram to mention that she ran into David and Annie from 90 Day Fiance Season 5. The picture looked like a happy one with three reality TV celebs hitting it off. However, the excitement fades the moment fans realize that Jenny might have given a really big spoiler. After the post, most of the fans are pretty devastated that Jenny might have spoiled the show.

Currently, we know that she has uprooted all her life to be united with the love of her life in India. Since Sumit is not in a position to move to America, she decided to leave everything behind in the US for love. But considering the fact that David and Annie live in the US, it’s a surprise that she ran into them.

90 Day Fiance: David And Annie Probably In Kentucky

The last we heard of David and Annie was when they were struggling financially. Annie finally got her work permit and state that she would love to serve in the army. David is working as an English teacher in Kentucky. He loves his job even more as his wife is one of his students. Annie has praised his teaching skills, and she said that the English class helped her a lot.

All in all, this information reveals that Annie and Davis are definitely not in India. If Jenny ran into them, she is probably back in the US. This has got fans on a speculation alert. Most fans are confused as to what is going on. They are assuming that it didn’t work out with her and Sumit. Considering that the show is filmed months ago, this is a plausible explanation of what Jenny is doing back in the States.

However, another fan suggests that the producers might have paid her for a flight to the US to shoot another promo or something similar. This could be possible considering the lengths TLC goes to make a show successful. Another explanation by fans is that the picture probably indicates a reunion show. Nothing is clear yet, but it won’t stop fans from speculating and jumping to conclusions.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way; Why Jenny Could Be Back To The US?

One of the biggest reasons that Jenny returning to the US makes sense is the high number of complications between the couple. Sumit is on for hiding his marriage from his orthodox family. Even though Jenny might have agreed in the beginning, but this doesn’t seem like the ideal way of living life. Plus, the massive age gap between the couple makes things a lot more challenging to work out.

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