’90 Day Fiance’: TLC’s Another Fraud, Mursel Never Leave America & Turned 39 Last Saturday

90 Day FIance

We have known TLC for molding the shots of 90 Day Fiance into a form that displays a lot of drama. Well, it’s a nice little tactic for gaining TRP. However, this time, some people are accusing TLC of showing straight lies. We know that Anna and Mursel have been having a tumulous relationship.

When Mursel told his family that Anna has three kids from a previous relationship, they told him to come back to Turkey. He called off the wedding and started to get ready to go back. But the claims suggest that Mursel never left the States. Let’s dig a little deeper into what is going on.

90 Day Fiance: Mursel Celebrating His 39th Birthday With Family In The US

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More proof that Mursel didn’t leave the country. Here he is two days ago celebrating his birthday (not his 50th, his 39th, see comments) here in the U.S. with Anna and her family. If he had actually left, he wouldn’t have been allowed back so soon. They got married in September and he was in NY for the tell all filmed in late December. We’re talking about this (and more) on this week’s episode of The Fraudcast. #90dayfiance #90daytheotherway #theotherway #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90daysbeforethe90days #beforethe90days #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter #90dayfiancepillowtalk #podcast #podcasts #90dayfiancepodcast #realitytvpodcast #trashtvpodcast #thefraudcast #fraudedbytlc #deaf #closedcaption #podcastsforthedeaf #inclusion #inclusivity #hardofhearing #deafsolutions #hearingimpaired #accessiblepodcast #deafcommunity @cactus_fruit_juice

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A post from a few days ago states that Mursel is with Anna and family in the US. He seems happy, and so does the rest of the clan surrounding him. The poster uploaded the picture on 11th January. In the January 12th episode, it stated that Mursel left for Turkey. However, if it was true, his K-1 visa would have ended, and he wouldn’t have been here at present. The authorities wouldn’t let him come back so soon.

Moreover, the couple is reportedly married. According to sources, they tied the knot in September. So, the question raises, have Anna and Mursel been faking it all for all this time? At least many fans seem to think so.

90 Day Fiance: This Is What Fans Have To Say About Anna and Mursel

Apparently, Mursel is a terrible actor, according to fans. One user pointed out the way he lay on the ground and started crying bitterly. Another says that there is no point in watching their drama unfold as they are already married. One fan calls it lag in the production. When the episodes are filmed months in advance of actually airing, things tend to get a little inaccurate.

90 Day FIance

Some are confused about whether the entire storyline is fake or whether they broke up and later got back together. One thing is for sure, Mursel didn’t leave the country. There is no way the authorities would permit him to come back to the States so soon. So, Mursel definitely didn’t return to Turkey.

The story of how Anna and Mursel took things further is yet to unfold. Considering that Mursel is almost gone and his departure is not confirmed, there is the scope of Anna and Mursel reuniting at the last moment. After all, if TLC is trying to scoop up some more drama for 90 Day Fiance, what’s the harm in a last moment change of the heart for Mursel? Let us know what you think will happen in the comments below.

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