90 Day Fiance: What Josh Strobel and Aleksandra Are Doing Nowadays?

90 Day Fiance

No matter how long ago a season of 90 Day Fiance ends, fans always love to know what’s going on in the life of their favorite couples. The reality show stars become an integral part of their lives. For instance, 90 Day Fiance shows fascinating real-life stories of couples from different parts of the globe. Making a relationship work smoothly is not a child’s play. But when the distance takes its toll, things escalate to a whole new level.

90 Day Fiance: Aleksandra’s Second Pregnancy Announcement

Building on that, let’s take a look at what’s going on in Josh and Aleksandra’s life. Aleksandra took to Facebook to announce that she is pregnant with their second child. She decorated the picture of her sonogram with a wreath and added a Santa’s hat. She calls her baby a Christmas miracle and a blessing. The interesting fact is that Aleksandra’s pregnancy announcement came after she teased some big news on social media. But she has mentioned that this is not the big news that she was teasing.

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I just wanted to say sorry to all those people who support and understand me. Without you I'm nothing and I love you all. And I want to say to all the haters and those who tried to humiliate me under every post, God bless you and your families. I don't know what makes you so unhappy that you put all your negative to other people, but I know that getting your own life will make you feel better. Just what makes you think that you know me and my life? Did you live in my apartment? Was you there when I was dating&getting married to Josh? Was you there when we did the first ultrasound? Was you there when we were suffering during my labor? Did you cry with us when our girl was fighting for life in the NICU? Was you there when we finally got to hold her for the first time? No? Then how dare you say something about me or Josh or our daughter? I'm so done with reading the same negative comments over and over again. I'm so done with all this negative. Hope one day you'll understand. But for now, I'm so done with you and this account. Thanks for everything. Bye.

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Aleksandra went on to give a hint to her fans regarding what the other big news could be. She said that one of the fans have made a mention in the comments section of the teaser post. One of the most common guesses was that she is pregnant with twins. Mormon church conducts and even in which the couple is eternally married. it’s known as the couple getting sealed. This was also one of the most obvious guesses.

However, Aleksandra has nullified all the guesses by stating that she is not moving, she is not having twins. She also mentions that the couple got sealed when they first tied the knot. “Haha, you’ll see” is the last thing she said when the star concluded the discussion.

90 Day Fiance: How Is Kaya, The Couple’s First Daughter Doing?

Do you remember the backlash the couple faced when they first posted Kaya’s picture? Since the little girl’s complexion and hair indicated a hint of mixed race, many people raised questions over her paternity. When a couple asked how she was, Aleksandra replied that she doesn’t understand much yet and laughed it off.

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Just look at this face😂

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90 Day Fiance: The Couple’s Backstory

Josh was a missionary in the church when he fell for Aleksandra. The met at the Metropolitan University Prague when Josh was on a Mormon mission. But back then, the faith didn’t permit him to date while he was completing his task for the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Initially, Aleksandra was an atheist, but afterward, she converted.

He asked her after waiting for an entire year. In 2015, he visited Russia and proposed to her. Since then, the couple has been inseparable. They have been one of the sweetest couple featured on the show so far. But during the time when people started questioning about the baby’s paternity, the couple stopped posting on social media in 2017, until now.


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