90 Day Fiance: While Fans Think Azan Is Not Unemployed; Nicole Says He Has a Job

90 Day Fiance

It has been a long time since 90 Day Fiance star Nicole has been tolerating people telling her that Azan is using her for money and he is with her only because he wants American citizenship after some time. But Nicole has been defending the love of her life for quite a long time. Nicole recently had a conversation with John Yates, and she revealed that people really have a wrong perception of their relationship. They don’t even know what’s going on.

Nicole From 90 Day Fiance Reveals That Azan Is Making His Own Money

Nicole went live with John Yates and posted that fans can watch the entire exchange in his story. In her conversation with him, she explains that the show doesn’t display the entire story. She mentions that what viewers see is the edited version of her real life and the reality is much more than what’s shown on TV.

She fires back at those who think she is being unfair to her daughter because of her fiance. Nicole clarifies that she is not sending any more money to Azan and is taking good care of her daughter. She says that her finances are none of anybody else’s business. When it comes to tacking the haters, Nicole is the only one who has to clap back. Since Azan doesn’t use social media, Nicole is the only one trying to fight back every time without any help.

She faces a lot of criticisms about her relationship. Nicole regularly fires back at those she thinks are unnecessarily interfering. She is brave and doesn’t hesitate to be blunt. That is exactly what she has done in her brief exchange with John Yates. She mentioned that what viewers see is just a part of her romantic life and not her entire life. Nicole says that she is worthy of love and Azan loves her as much as she loves him. He treats her well and she is not delusional.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Busts The Rampant Misconception

People are under the impression that she has been sending Azan money and continues to do so. She goes on to say that he makes enough money to support himself. All she has offer sometimes is a little help that married couples or those soon to be married do. She wishes that she had done things a little differently while they were on the show and that she won’t be appearing for another season. As for the $6000, she didn’t give him such a massive amount. It was just something she said to change the subject when they were questioning her about the wedding.

Since the show is currently going on, there are some questions she can’t address right now. They’ve got to leave some mystery for the fans! The fact that Azan is earning for himself change has the potential to change the way viewers see Nicole, Azan and the whole dynamics of their relationship. Do you think this is a classic case of one-sided love like the common opinion or Azan is really interested in taking things further with Nicole? Let us know in the comments below.


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Nicole can defend her relationship until she’s blue but the fact remains that Asan has NO intention of marrying her and he doesn’t want a green card, just money. Proof is in the pudding.


I have friends in in Morocco they get pay less than 100 a month. he using her .