Alaskan Bush People: Is Brown Family Insulting Joshua’s Girlfriend?

Alaskan bush people

The realy TV star Joshua Brown from the Alaskan Bush People had said that he is fed up with the manner that his popular family is treating Allison Kagon, his longtime girlfriend. And we have for you all of the exclusive details right here. 

Alaskan Bush People: What do the insiders of the family have to say?

Some of the insiders of the Brown family have revealed that Allison is not treated with the same levels of respect as others. This makes Joshua feel bad. The family has known her for a long time. Even longer than any of the other brother’s new looking for fame girls. 

Everything we know till now!

As far as all of the fans are aware that there are some specific reasons as to why Joshua’s family is not that excited about having Allison around. And that is that she was their boss before. This was between the year 2015 to 2018. She had been the supervising producer for the show on the Alaskan Bush People. That means she produced around thirty episodes.

In the year 2017, when mom Ami got her horrific diagnosis of cancer there was a question mark on the future of the show. This was when Bam and his girlfriend Allison decided that they were moving ahead all of this and will be starting their new life together. They also planned to stay away from the family as much as they could. 

The couple had even gone ahead to buy a houseboat and did some renovation. Some of the sources at the time had also said that they don’t have any plans for returning to the television and they didn’t need to do that either.

Alaskan Bush People: Why Did They Come Back?

Well, of course, it is likely to be for money. One of the insiders revealed that both of them are very smart people and well aware of what they do. The show offers them handsome pays and they are also aware of the way the show must run. They also have a deeper understanding of both sides. 

Alaskan Bush People Season 10 Premiere Episode

In the tenth season premiere show of the Alaskan Bush People King of Mountain, you will be viewing how the wolfpack is going to race for building the house before the winters arrive and the ground starts to freeze. After this, a snowstorm comes in the way that threatens the progress ahead for the new house to be made. Surely this is going to be exciting to watch so don’t forget to tune in. 

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