‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Gabe And Raquell Move Into a Barn; Expecting Their First baby

Alaskan Bush People

Raquell and Gabe’s wedding had been making Alaskan Bush People news headlines for a long time. Now, the couple is moving to a new place, and that’s creating a stir among fans. Moreover, the couple is also expecting their first baby. In short, they have a lot going on. Let’s take a look at their happening life in detail.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Fans Worry As Raquell and Gabe Move Into a Barn With Wood Burning Stove

As the Brown family gets ready to build their house before winter strikes, Gabe helps Birdy in getting her home ready. He realizes that it’s difficult to get their places ready for the winter in such a short time frame. So, he suggests the family move into their family’s animal barn. But here, he is talking about living in a damp cold climate with farm animals. Raquell hesitantly agrees. However, Gabe reveals that he is doing everything in his power to keep his wife happy and comfortable.

Gabe gets a wood-burning stove to keep the farm warm in winters. It’s a short-term solution the Brown family is opting for unless they move to their dream home. However, the idea doesn’t seem to please fans at all. Let’s take a look as to what fans have to say.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Fans Worried About Safety Factors

The barn that the Brown family lives in is made up of wood. There are haystacks lying all around. Building a wood-burning stove is certainly a risky move. The fans point out the safety hazard. Moreover, Raquell says that she is going to spruce up the place with candles. To that, one fan sarcastically points out the presence of wood and haystacks.

Most fans have also been making fun of Raquell’s decision of moving to the barn with her hubby. One of the fans tweeted a sympathetic note for her parents. It said that they don’t know where they went wrong considering Raquell supporting her husband’s decision of moving in the barn.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raquell And Gabe Expecting Their First Child

Raquell and Gabe are eager to meet their little one this fall. They have announced that they are having their first child. They are already feeling blessed with the new addition to their family. His sister Rain stated that they are adventurous and kind people. According to her, the two of them are going to be amazing parents. The 16-year-old has previously referred to them as her besties. It shows that she has a good relationship with them.

Rhain and Noah have recently welcomed their baby Elijah Connor. The happy pregnancy announcement came following the birth of the newest member of the brown family. Now, the Browns are looking forward to the birth of Amy and Billy’s other grandchild.

What do you think about Gabe’s decision to move to the barn and building a wood-burning stove? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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