‘Counting On’: Is Jill Duggar Breaking Free of The Old Rules?

Counting On

Counting On‘: The Duggars are popular for their unconventional ways of having and raising children. While the attention never goes away from the Duggar family, this time, it’s Jill who is in the limelight. Of course, for the Duggars, she might be doing things they can frown upon easily. However, her recent behavior might suggest that she is trying to break free of the family. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

Counting On: Jill Duggar From Quitely Obeying To Silently Rebelling

We have seen Jessa and Jinger have their occasional expressions of rebellion. But no one expected Jill to go against the family rules. According to Jim Bob and Michelle’s rules, girls are not allowed to hold hands with or kiss the men they are courting. They have to take care of the household and younger siblings. Moreover, they also have to have long hair and can only wear long skirts, not modern clothing like pants and jeans. 

But Jill chopped off her locks, got her nose pierced and started wearing modern clothing after she got married. On the other hand, Derick seems to be heading a whole other rebellion against the Duggar family. He has accused Jib Bob of keeping the children’s money. He never told them that TLC pays them for filming. 

Many fans have thanked Derick for exposing what’s really going on in the Duggar family. Not only viewers, but Jill’s cousin Amy King also applauded him for exposing the grey areas of the family. Derick also revealed that they needed Jim Bob’s permission to meet the younger siblings.

Counting On: Jill Enrolled Israel In a Public School

According to Michelle Duggar, she got her kids homeschooled as she wanted them to focus on Christian-based character development. She also wanted them to develop values like honesty, self-control, etc. However, Jill decided that she would enroll her 4-year-old son Israel in a public school.

Fans are praising her for taking the big step and let his son expose himself to the regular school curriculum. Some fans are also shocked by the fact that Jill is the one being the rebel of the family. A Reddit user said that if someone said five years ago that Jill would be sending her kid to school, many people would not have believed this. 

Jill is now marching to the beat of her own drum and it might indicate that some of her other siblings might follow her lead. This explains why she needs Jim Bob’s permission to visit the other siblings. When the Duggar kids were teens, Jim Bob didn’t allow Amy to visit her cousins unsupervised as he thought her to be a bad influence on her kids. So, this scenario might now be applying to Jill as well. Not to mention, her husband seems to have really pissed off Jim Bob.

Let us know how you think the Duggar family will react to Jill’s decision of sending her son to school.