Counting On: Jessa Duggar’s Husband Breaks Silence Over Grandfather’s Death; Touching Tributes

Counting On

Counting On: The Duggar family has been going through an awful lot lately. Ben Seewald, Jessa’s husband, recently lost his grandfather to cancer. He was fighting a long battle with the dreadful disease. He gave a heartwarming tribute to him on Twitter. Let’s take a look. 

Counting On: Ben Grateful For Spending Thanksgiving With Grandpa Eaton

Ben expresses his gratitude for he could spend Thanksgiving with his grandfather. Michael Seewald also wrote a post that highlighted the qualities that made their grandpa so special. He asked for prayers for the family during their time of sorrow. The statement read that Grandpa Eaton always made huge sacrifices for the good of his children. 

He provided them with a lovely home and read scriptures and sang spiritual songs to them. He remembers reading the bible together and singing along hymns with grandpa playing his guitar. Jessa also took to Instagram to share a moving tribute. She also expressed her thankfulness for having been able to celebrate Thanksgiving with him. Even though they are grieving his loss on Earth, she states that they are finding comfort in the fact that he is with the Lord. 

Counting On: Grandpa Eaton Thoroughly Missed

Duggar also shared two pictures of Grandpa Eaton saying goodbye to his family. She wrote that when you don’t know what’s going to be the last goodbye, it’s really hard. Fans have been offering the family condolences ever since. One fan wrote that times like these are always hard. Loss of a loved one is never easy. Another follower sends love to the entire family. 

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One thing that the fans have noticed is that grandpa gave his precious time to all the babies before he said goodbye to them. According to fans, these are some pictures that the entire family is going to treasure forever. His health was declining, and the constant battle with cancer was taking a toll on him. Things were getting really difficult due to all the health issues. 

Counting On: Fans Comforting The Family

Fans are comforting the family and wishing for grandpa Eaton to rest in peace. One fan pointed out that he has been a really special part of their life as they grew up. Another said that even if he is physically absent, he is present with the Lord. The fans pray for peace in their family and include them in their prayers. 

The religious family has been buried in sorrow over the loss of their beloved family members. But they are grateful for his presence and that he will be eternally alive in the memories of his loved ones. Stay tuned for more news on Counting On.