Jill Duggar Returns On Counting On As Sister-in-Law Lauren Swanson Gives Birth

Counting On

Jill Duggar returns on Counting On. Her sister-in-law is giving birth, and Jill is here to comfort her. Lauren is 20 years old, and Jill is 28. Even though the reality TV star didn’t come on camera, she was definitely there.

Counting On: Lauren Swanson Gives Birth

In the video, we can see that Lauren is struggling to give birth to her baby daughter. Even though we can’t see Jill, we can hear her voice in the video. Her exact words were, “There you go, Lauren. Relax right here on your shoulder. Relax. Beautiful. Down and out. Think, down and out.” She is holding her shoulder and then her head to comfort Lauren.

Here are the reasons why Jill’s presence in the episode is notable. First, she and her husband Deric are no longer on the show. Most followers keep asking her whether the couple is going to reappear on Counting On. She says that they didn’t have any plans to return to the show any time soon. The time they have to devote to it is too much. They are not able to manage this, keeping their family life smooth.

This is one of the main reasons why the couple quit the show before the birth of their second child. But they also mentioned that they love the crew and the people are really nice, according to them.

Counting On: Jill’s Training As a Midwife Comes In Handy

When Kendra gave birth, Jill wasn’t there. However, she has been there when her sisters delivered babies. Her training as a midwife came quite in handy. John and Abbie are likely to welcome their first child sometime soon. Fans are wondering whether she might be present for that as well.

Jill was present for Jessa Duggar, her sister, when she gave birth to her baby daughter Ivy. Even though Jill is not on the show anymore, she is not laying back when it comes to providing comfort to new moms. Whether it is her sister or her sister-in-law, Jill is there for family during crucial times.

Counting On: Jill Not Coming Back To The Show

Jill has made it clear that she has no plans of coming back on the show as a regular. It seems like her kids are keeping her occupied enough to leave any free time for filming. However, she has loved her time on the show and expresses her love for the crew. But we are likely to see her make small appearances when someone in her family goes through a crucial phase. Stay tuned for more news on the Duggars and other Counting On stars.