Little People Big World: Amy Moves To The New Home, After Selling Off Farm

Little People Big World

Little People Big World: When Amy decided to sell her portion of the farm to Matt, fans were really disappointed. They were saddened by the thought of Amy leaving the Roloff farms and going to a new place. After all, they shared about three decades of memories. When Matt and Amy were happily married, they raised their little kids on the farm. However, Amy stated that leaving the farm and giving a fresh start to her life was necessary for her.

Little People Big World: Amy’s Big Exit From Roloff Farms

Amy is moving on and has made up her mind to leave the farm. She is excited about moving on to her new life, but it is still a bittersweet experience for fans and herself. We saw Amy sell her portion of the farm to Matt when season 14 of Little People Big World wrapped up. It was a hard decision for her, as there were too many memories attached.

She decided to stay on the farms still in November and began her house search. After a lot of effort, the reality TV star finally found her dream house. She also wanted to make sure that Jacob and Isabel were married on the farm, just like her other kids. Even when she found the perfect home for her, Amy had to make some renovations. It seems that everything is complete now, and all she has to do is move in.

Even though the farm has many memories, we are sure that Amy is going to fill the new place with new ones. And they are going to be beautiful!

Little People Big World: Roller Coaster Ride For Amy

Amy has been through a mountain of emotions this year, both happy, sad, and tragic. She and Chris took their relationship to a new level when he proposed to her with a heart-shaped diamond ring. She couldn’t contain her excitement and posted on Instagram about how happy she was for the new phase in her life. Even Matt, her ex-husband, congratulated her.

On the down side, Amy’s mom passed away. She acknowledged that it was a tragedy. But she was grateful for the time she got to spend with her. However, the grandma had the joy of welcoming her granddaughter last week. Tori, Zach’s wife, recently gave birth to Lilah Ray, and the grandma couldn’t be happier. Jeremy and Audrey are also expecting a baby early next year.

To give the new house the best start, Amy hosted Thanksgiving dinner. To of her youngest children were there with their spouses to avail the grand feast. Stay tuned for more Little People Big World news!

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