Little People Big World: Amy And Her Fiance Chris Buy A New House Near Roloff Farms

Little People Big World

The last season of Little People Big World ended with Amy selling a portion of the Roloff farms to Matt. She made this decision because she thought that living on the farm was holding her back in some ways. Moreover, she also understood that a new start in her life is possible once she leaves the Roloff farmland. But even though she is saying goodbye to Roloff farms, Amy is not going very far away. How come? Let’s take a look.

Little People Big World: Amy Shifting In a Property Near Roloff Farms

When Amy decided to seel her portion of the farm to Matt, fans were devastated. The Roloffs built a life on the farm and raised their kids. Amy, being gone, came as a shock to fans and was way out of their comfort zone. But as we know, she has moved on in life. In fact, she is now engaged to her long term boyfriend, Chris Marek. He recently proposed to Amy, and she couldn’t be any happier about it.

On 27th September, Amy purchased a mansion worth $588,000 in Oregon. Her new house is spacious enough to house her kids and grandkids when they visit. Moreover, the house is merely 15 minutes away from the farm. The new house has four bathrooms and five bedrooms. There is a marble fireplace in the living room that goes really well with the classy wooden flooring.

Amy and Matt agreed that she would live in the Roloff property unless she finds a new home for herself. Now, she has found one, and it is everything she wanted. Even though the area of the house is nowhere near Amy’s previous property, we can say that it can turn out to be a great living space for Amy and her new husband.

Little People Big World: Amy’s Quest For a New Home

Amy’s quest for a new home is finally over. She had been looking around for over 6 months. There was a house she set her heart on, but someone beat it for a better price. But after some more searching, the hard work paid off, and Amy found a beautiful home. She hasn’t released pictures of the inside of the house. However, we can see that she is excited about her new living arrangements.

Since Chris proposed to the reality TV star with a heart-shaped diamond ring, she can barely contain her excitement. She raised four kids in her original farmhouse. But Amy is now ready to move on from her previous life. What do you think about Amy’s decision to buy a place near the farm? Let us know in the comments below.

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