Little People Big World: Did Matt Roloff Just Confessed He Cheated On Amy?

Little People Big World

Matt and Amy Roloff are the primary couple from Little People Big World who have been keeping fans entertained since decades. Their marriage lasted for almost 30 years. However, things quickly started to unravel and the main reason behind their divorce has still been unknown. Well, until now. It seems like Matt Roloff just spilled something that might be an indication of how his marriage to Amy ended in the first place.

Little People Big World: Why Matt And Amy Broke It Off

Matt and Amy had been together for decades. When the couple separates, it broke fans’ heart. After all, they had set major relationship goals earlier. When it came to spilling the beans about why the couple parted ways, it always came down to the duo being annoyed due to each other’s habits that became beyond toleration after a few years. But the real reason is much more beyond this simple speculation.

Little People Big World: Amy Exposed Matt’s Cheating Behaviour

Amy and Matt have been spiraling over the fate of their farm. While Matt is looking for buyers, Amy is still hesitant to sell the place because of personal and professional concerns. She thinks that the way Matt talks to her about it is not acceptable. Amy admits that she got used to his strong personality over the years they were together. But when he allegedly stated that her indecisiveness is holding him a hostage, Amy couldn’t take it anymore. She gave strong hints about Matt cheating on her with his current girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Moreover, fans think that there was a point Matt confessed about cheating on her way before, however, indirectly. On May 29th, Amy posted on social media that she had the perfect day with her boyfriend Chris Marek. One fan called Matt dismissive and disgusting in the comments section. The most astonishing part is that both Amy and Matt liked the comment. However, when Matt liked the comment, it might have been an indication that he admitted to being disgusting. Perhaps he agrees to that for cheating on Amy. As for dismissive, Matt has been dismissive about Amy’s opinion as far as selling their farm is concerned.

Little People Big World: What Did Amy Exactly Say?

Amy mentioned that there was someone working on the farm for years. She realized that things were going much more than beyond friends before their marriage came to an end. We all know that Caryn Chandler has been working as their farm manager for quite some time. She was practically targeting her words towards Caryn who was a part of the farm for many years. The separation has been amicable and this is the first time the couple has directed a negative statement towards the estranged partner.

This has been taking a toll on Matt’s reputation. What do you think really happened? Did Matt cheat on Amy or it was just the beginning of a new flame? Let us know in the comments below.