Little People Big World: Is Matt Changing The Name of Roloff Farms? Fans Wondering

Little People Big World

Wherever the Roloff family goes, the drama follows. It seems like Matt Roloff can’t catch a break from the prying eyes of Little People Big World fans. The iconic farms of the Roloff family have been the center of attention for fans for decades. They saw Matt and Amy raise their kids and have some pretty good times. However, after their split, the farm is no longer a family property co-owned by a fan-favorite couple. Let’s take a look at what’s Matt planning to do with it.

Little People Big World: Matt Working On a New Project

It seems like Matt is busy trying to make his grandson Jackson as happy as possible. He wants the little kid to soar and is involved in the development of an aviator. He posed with a welding mask in front of the half-built structure and wrote in the caption that a project is going on. “Progress on the most significant project matt Roloff farm has seen in many years… hang in there it will all make sense very soon.” This is what the caption exactly read.

If we go word to word, you can notice that he just called the place ‘Matt Roloff Farms.’ Did he just rename something that was the common property of the family for decades? Fans are going crazy over this speculation. Let’s take a look at what viewers have to say.

Little People Big World: Fans Speculating Name Change For The Roloff Farms

One commentator asked Matt whether he is renaming the farm. Another user also questioned a name change for the farm. As we know, Amy sold her part of the farmland to Matt. She won’t be living on the farm for much longer. Also, she is not going to be a part of the farm business anymore. This has got fans speculating a name change. Most of them have mixed feelings about it.

Fans would like Matt to retain the original name. However, his latest caption has got them all confused. Of course, no one can stop him from going ahead and making the change. After all, Amy technically won’t have a say over what Matt does with the farm! It’s hard for fans to wrap their head around such a massive change.

What’s The Fate of The Farm and People Associated With It?

Since the Instagram and Facebook handle of the farm retains the original name, we can’t say anything for sure. However, since the pumpkin season is already here, we will soon find out. As for Amy, she is going to stay on the farmland until she finds her dream home. She revealed that she found one, but someone beat her with a better offer. Amy is hanging in there, and still she finds her abode, she is enjoying her life with boyfriend, Chris Marek.

Do you think Matt will rename the farm? How do you feel about this change? Let us know in the comments below.

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