Little People Big World: Jacob Roloff’s Fiance Isabel Never Expected That She Will Get Married

Little People Big World

Not every girl waits for the day she can walk down the aisle. Isabel Rock, Jacob Roloff’s fiance, is certainly one of them. She recently took to Instagram to reveal that her life is taking a turn she never thought of. She is soon to be the bride of Jacob Roloff, the former reality TV star. Recently, Isabel had her baby shower in which some of the friends and members of the Roloff family were present. Ami did the cooking, and they heard stories about Isabel from her friends. Audrey and Tori also came. Tori brought along her little son Jackson. He was the only boy allowed! Now, let’s take a look at an update on Isabel’s upcoming wedding.

Little People Big World: Isabel’s Life Takes An Unexpected Turn

Isabel is 23 years old and about to be a bride. She revealed that she is one of those people who never believe that something is real unless it starts happening. She has an image of the big day in her mind. Flowers in her hair, clad in a dress and walking down the aisle towards the love of her life. Isabel added that she never thought that she would get married. She also revealed that her parents never had a good relationship. So, she definitely didn’t want to emulate that.

She also never thought that she would count down to her wedding day. But now, life has given her something totally unexpected. She realized that she wants to tell her kids the entire experience. She wants them to know how their dad looked when she walked up towards him. Isabel wants to remember even the most excruciating details of each day, leading to that moment.

Little People Big World: Lot of Pressure On The Wedding Day?

Weddings are about looking a certain way on the big day. Isabel thinks that there is a lot of pressure on the bride to look extravagantly beautiful on her wedding day. But she wants to stay peaceful, and that’s what she is focusing on. The couple is tying the knot in September. They have made it very clear that they are not in favor of televising the wedding. But even if we won’t get to see their wedding on TV, we can certainly watch all the updates on Instagram.

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It seems like the couple is doing what is best for them. In the near time to come, the family is going to be rejoicing more. As we already know, two of the Roloff daughters-in-law are pregnant. Tori is carrying a baby girl, and Audrey recently revealed her baby’s gender. FYI, it’s going to be a boy. Jackson is excited to be a big brother. On the other hand, Matt is thrilled to be a grandpa again. It seems like a happy time for the Roloff family.

Stay tuned to know more details about Isabel and Jacob’s wedding.

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