‘Little People Big World’: Matt Won’t Marry Caryn Until Chris and Amy are Hitched

Little People Big World

‘Little People Big World’: Matt and Caryn are a happy couple. Just like Amy and Chris. They have been together for a long time. But for some reason, they are not taking their relationship to the next level. This makes fans wonder why don’t they just tie the knot like Amy and Chris are planning on doing. 

Little People Big World: Caryn and Matt Not Rushing Into Tying The Knot With Matt

In December, one of the fans asked Caryn about taking things to the next level with Matt. To that, she replied that they are enjoying with each other and that they are not rushing it. The couple got involved when Matt was still married to Amy. Well, that’s what Amy said in her memoir. 

Amy has now sold her share of the farm to Matt and she is planning on living in Portland with her to be husband Chris. They are working on fixing up their new house. The move has cost her a lot and Amy seems to have a lot on her plate at present. So, she has already told fans not to expect a wedding this year. However, the couple is still going strong.

Little People Big World: Matt and Caryn Waiting For Chris and Amy To Get Married

Matt revealed in a podcast that they are in no hurry to tie the knot. Amy is clearly in her wedding excitement mode and Matt thinks that it should run its course before he takes his relationship with Caryn further. They enjoy each other’s company a lot and are having a lot of fun.

Matt and Caryn do seem to be a happy couple. With their children’s support, their romance blossoms further. Matt considers himself fortunate to have found someone who loves his family as much as he does. Caryn spends a lot of time with his kids and even babysits the little children.

Little People Big World: Caryn Advises Matt To Spend Time With Grandkids

Matt has a pretty busy schedule. But Caryn constantly reminds him to ditch the electronic devices for some time and play with the kids. Things seem to be going amazingly well and Matt and Caryn are taking life as it comes. Matt doesn’t want to steal Amy’s thunder as she plans on building a new life with her lover Chris. 

At present, Amy is busy arranging her house so that her kids and grandkids can visit. She loves to cook and imagines having them all over to have nice family time. She is absolutely head over heels with Chris and is excited about spending the rest of her life with him. As for Matt and Amy, their relationship is cordial at this point. Matt even congratulated her on her engagement and is happy for her.

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