‘Little People Big World’: Tori Faces Mom Shaming and Claps Back 

Little People Big World

Little People Big World star Tori’s recent post involving her little daughter Lilah doesn’t go well with some of her followers. She recently took to social media to share a picture of Lilah taking a nap. The mom of two also revealed that her daughter is suffering from a cold. However, there is one thing the Little People Big World star didn’t think through before making the post. And that has got her a lot of haters slamming her on her parenting methods. Let’s take a look at what exactly happened. 

Little People Big World: Fans Shame Tori For Not Being a Perfect Parent

Tori revealed that Lilah has a cold and feels like her entire family has been down with some or the other health problem since Christmas. She also added that Lilah tends to breathe more easily when she is resting on her belly. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should place their babies on their backs on a firm sleep surface, having a tightly fitted sheet. To calm down the fan’s worries, Tori later posted a picture of Lilah resting on her back, and she looked peaceful.

Tori Opens Up About Negativity On Her Parenting

First, Tori mentioned that she doesn’t always take everything to the heart. But this is something she had to talk about. Tori added that mom-shaming is not cool even though it’s a real thing. She also points out that there is no shortage of haters since Tori’s entire life is out there on social media with full honesty. 

She is okay with having a life that is not perfect. But when it comes to mom-shaming and other people slamming parents for their ways of upbringing a child, she draws the line. 

In fact, when she shared a picture of Jackson looking out the car window at Christmas lights, the reality TV star made sure that she eases out the fans’ nerves first. Tori mentioned that they were driving at 2 miles per hour. Moreover, it was a closed track and letting a kid hang their head out of a window wasn’t a big deal there. 

Little People Big World: What Else Is Going On In The Roloff Family?

Tori is not the only one handling babies. Her sister-in-law Audrey recently gave birth to a baby boy named Bode and she is dealing with some tough times as well. As for the other Roloff family members, Matt has revealed that he is not proposing to his girlfriend Caryn out of respect for Amy and Chris.

Speaking of whom, the couple is happily engaged and is super excited about getting married. He gave her a heart-shaped ring and Amy couldn’t be any happier. We see that almost all LPBW stars are super active on their social media handles. But now, we are going to have a detailed insight into their lives when the new season airs on March 31st. Stay tuned for more updates on the Roloffs and keep watching Little People Big World.

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