‘Little People, Big World’: Why Zach Not Close To Parents Matt & Amy Roloff?

Little People, Big World

There was a time when Little People, Big World fans were all over the life stories of Matt and Amy Roloff. But since the time they got divorced, many things have changed. Their son Zach is married and all grown up. Now, considering the family dynamics at present, the audience is thinking that he is just drifting away from his family. This Easter weekend, Amy is taking off with her boyfriend to see her daughter Molly who is pretty camera shy. Evidently, she is an independent woman who shocked her family with her engagement news in 2016. Matt is preparing for his Mexico getaway with Caryn. The two of them seem to be inseparable.

Amy is excited about her road trip and so is Matt for his trip to Mexico. They are both happy with their significant others and life seems to be treating them well. Matt is often seen going on getaways away from the farm.

‘Little People, Big World’: Zach Annoyed With Matt And Amy’s Drama

Now, coming to the other Roloff kid, Zach seems to be drifting apart from his parents. When Matt and Amy got married, they lived an amazing life together for nearly three decades. They still manage the farm together and live on the family property. But they have also talked about selling the farm and moving on. This way, they think they can find some closure.

Considering that the farm was where the estranged couple has brought up their children, we can assume that Zach must have an opinion about the fate of the place. But he has a totally different tale to tell. From his statement, it is clear that he is fed up of all the drama regarding Matt and Amy. Zach doesn’t want to have to do anything with what happens to the property. Obviously, he is attached to the place. But he feels emotionally drained of all the drama and wants to stay out of it.

This is a classic example of the situation in which the impact of parents’ divorce negatively affects children. All the drama ‘Little People, Big World’ star Zach faced over the years has taken a toll on his relationship with his parents. He is also thinking of raising his kid Jackson off-screen. Even though Zach is occupied in his own life, he is unlikely to leave the show and distance himself completely from his parents. Let us know what you feel about this situation in the comments below.


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