Love After Lockup: Cheryl and Josh’s Feud Heading Towards a Breakup?

Love after lockup

Josh has been staying with his mother. With that, it seems like his girlfriend Cheryl has taken this to heart. The drama between the couple has been escalating. Even though the cameras stopped rolling, we can say that they are not in a good place.

Love After Lockup: Reading Between The Lines

I seem to like the couple has parted ways. However, they never mentioned their split on social media. Well, they might as well be honoring the NDA they signed. Friday night’s episode featured a prison release party for Josh with his family. Cheryl posted about it on social media. She said that Tina, Josh’s mom baked a cake. With two laughing emojis and an alien one, she said that she is done.

According to In Touch, while Cheryl told him to fix the car as it was the need of the moment, Josh completely changed when he got there. She also called Tina out in some very foul language. Cheryl also raised concerns about incest. She actually said that she was worried about the way Tina acted. Cheryl pointed out that they went to a room alone for hours and she had to stay out or with the kids.

Love After Lockup: Cheryl’s Creepy Accusations About Josh and His Mom

Cheryl said that there were some nights that she had to fall asleep alone just because Josh didn’t come for hours. One user asked whether the couple is still together. Cheryl replied, ‘sadly.’ Josh got pretty worked up at Cheryl’s remarks and quickly took to the comments section.

Josh said that her dad used to drop her off at the strip club and took all the money she made. He accused her dad of pimping Cheryl out and called the family inbred. He also called Cheryl psyco and delusional and said that nothing she says makes sense. This comment called Cheryl to lash out and say that Josh’s mom kicked Kenny out while they did the deed.

She also said that the kids started questioning her about what was going on. We know that the couple hasn’t called it quits officially. But after this explosive altercation, it is safe to say that they have likely parted ways. Josh has also called her a registered and convicted sex offender. He says that Cheryl hates Tina. Even if he spent a minute with his mom, she would call him out. Do you think Josh and Cheryl can ever bury the hatchet again? It doesn’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon though!

Do you think Josh used Cheryl when he was behind bars? Or is nothing enough for her when he is out? Let us know in the comments below.

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she looks like she has been up all night smoking drugs

Mya Faire
Mya Faire

Cheryl has such an advanced case of anorexia that her brain, which is responsible for emotions as well as thinking, is failing from lack of nutrients. You have to be pretty messed up to develop anorexia. It is a desperate, deadly way to feel in control of your life. Nothing about her will be OK until she slays her inner demons. Josh needs to cut that loose.