Love After Lockup: Has Scott Davey Found A New Girlfriend, Who Is The Mystery Woman?

Love After Lockup

Scott is a cheater and Lizzie is a gold digger, these are some rampant opinions about the estranged Love After Lockup couple. When Lizzie left Scott, most fans assumed that it was because she drained all the cash and there was nothing left with him to fend for her. Even though the two of them have parted ways, Scott doesn’t seem to be dating anyone. However, he has been pretty active, trying to pursue women online.

Love After Lockup: Was Scott Dating Two Women At The Same Time?

Lizzie and Scott split up because he was dating another woman and stringing her along. The split between Lizzie and Scott was an ugly one. Lizzie knew that he was seeing another woman named Jasmine. She also mentioned that Scott never told Lizzie about Jasmine. However, Scott quickly came to his defense, saying that Jasmine was a stalker who just wanted to extort money from him. Lizzie has also accused him of trying to make up for his deeds with cash. He said that this woman named Jasmine wanted the couple to break up and was deliberately trying to make it happen.

Love After Lockup: Scott Was Dating While The Show Was On

While the Love After Lockup cameras were rolling, Scott was dating someone else when he was with Lizzie on the show. The scene went down as follows. When Lizzie arrived at his doorstep, some woman answered the door. When Lizzie asked her why she is at the door, Scott came from the behind naked and yelled surprise for the woman he was with at that time. Lizzie saw the drama and slapped him for cheating on her.

Love After Lockup: Mystery Woman On Scott’s Instagram

Even though Scott and Lizzie both appear to be single after their split, there has been a mysterious woman fans saw on Scott’s Instagram. People started making speculations that he has got another gold digger milking him for cash. However, he shunned all the accusations and mentioned that she was a model. The woman was interested in posing for the swimsuit line he was about to launch.

Even though Scott is currently single, it is clear that he doesn’t want to be. He offered some woman money to spend time with him. Scott also announced publically that women from California are welcome to join him on a cruise. He didn’t declare seeing someone but admitted that he went on a really weird date lately.

Will his desperate attempts of acquiring a date bear any fruit? Let us know what you think is the fate of Scott’s love life in the comments below.

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