Love After Lockup: Scott Drops a Bomb On Instagram Regarding Lily

Love After Lockup

If we believe a leaked message, Scott and Lizzie, a popular couple from Love After Lockup has called it quits. According to speculations of fans, Lizzie has been with Scott since the beginning only because she is a gold digger. Apparently, she loves his money more than him. However, a recently leaked conversation reveals that she is calling it quits with her boyfriend Scott. On the recent season of Love After Lockup, Scott accepts that he is in a deep financial crisis and is broke.

With Scott losing his money, the biggest question is whether Lizzie is going to stay with him. If leaked direct messages on Instagram are to be believed, the answer to this question is a resounding no. In fact, most of the Love After Lockup viewers think that Lizzie has been with Scott only for his money.

Lizzie Ending It With Scott On Instagram DM

According to the leaked Instagram DMs, the couple is over as Lizzie has broken up with Scott. She says that she can’t share a bed with him as she is a born again virgin. right now, it looks as if she is trying to use religion only to break it off with Scott. Taking the religious talks to a whole new level, she said that she is making the decision to split after having an encounter with God.

Love After Lockup: Is It Getting Too Convenient For Lizzie?

Most of the viewers of Love After Lockup seem to think that Lizzie is making it too convenient for herself. Religion didn’t come between the duo when Lizzie needed money during the time she was behind the bars. She took $ 90,000 from Scott while she was locked up and also for drugs. But now, she is definitely in a better position. And since he is not loaded anymore, perhaps, Lizzie is done with him.

Scott Hints a Massive Reveal Online

Scott took to Instagram to announce that he is going to post some proof of how he is treated. It is still unclear what kind of evidence he is talking about. But the fact that he said he still loves her gives us a hint. But the teaser has got fans on their heels. Viewers are wondering about what the big reveal could be.

Fans only know what they see on TV What goes behind the cameras is an entirely different story. Scott has always been quiet when it comes to social media. What can be so major that caused the rather calm reality TV star to speak up?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Addresses Breakup Rumors

With all the rumors sprinting around, Lizzie tells the viewers to stay tuned and Watch the show to know what happens next. However, there is a big question mark to the reality of reality shows nowadays.

Is Scott’s reveal finally going to bring Lizzie what she deserves? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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