‘Love After Lockup’ Season 3: Is The Reality Show Officially Renewed?

Love After Lockup

All relationships carry baggage, but things go to a whole new level when the SOs have faced some serious prison time. The concept and the curiosity to see relationships based on this chemistry skyrocketed when Love After Lockup hit the screen. Owing to the growing popularity, it is viable that fans start speculating about the possibility of a third season in action. But is the reality show officially renewed for another season? Let’s take a look.

Is Love After Lockup Going To Return?

Out of all the couples featured on the show, only one of them seemed to have a happily ever after ending when the show came to a halt. According to the ratings, the second season of the Love Lockup Franchise features more drama and intense scenes that left viewers in awe. Moreover, the news of another season in line took the entertainment buzz by storm just a few weeks ago. But since then, there has been silence on the matter.

During the season 2 finale, a concise trailer aired which comprised a voice over. There hasn’t been any official release date. But the showrunners gave a hint that Love After Lockup might be on to another season. They showed just one couple in the mini-trailer. And by that, we can speculate that all new couples are going to be featured if there is a season 3. The producers have been putting out casting calls to see who is willing to put their relationship in front.

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Love After Lockup Season 3: The casting call

The entire process including the casting call is the same for season 3 as it was for the previous two seasons. The timing for both the seasons also holds a similarity. This means that season 3 is likely to start filming around May or June. Since the show has been on for two seasons, many people are likely to want to appear. Another reason to try for an appearance in the series is to gain some exposure through reality TV.

As far as the season 2 couples are considered, Tony and Angela weren’t able to make it. Chances are, they are going to continue where they left off in season 3. Scott and Lizzie initially signed up for the first season of Love After Lockup. But due to delay in their release from prison.

Currently, looking at the success of season 2 and how the audience is still not over the fact that people are still discussing it, we can say that season 3 is likely to be a huge success. Moreover, gaining insight into how unconventional couples manage their relationship in the 21st century is a concept that is still intriguing.

Even though a third season is officially not confirmed, it is highly likely that Love After Lockup can return to the reality TV screen. What do you think of the possibility of the show returning to entertain fans? Let us know in the comments below.


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