Love After Lockup Tour: Michael Simmons Eager To His Supporters

Love After Lockup

With a spinoff of the hit reality Television show Love After Lockup in the upcoming months, it is safe to assume that season 2 of the reality TV series created quite a massive stir. The entire storyline was revolving around Michael, his spouse Sarah and girlfriend Megan who claimed to marry him after his release from prison. The love triangle gained massive popularity and was on the mind of fans throughout the second season of Love After Lockup. Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup is a spinoff that is set for a release, thanks to the significant popularity of the original series.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons Wishes To Meet Fans

It seems like Michael Simmons is ready for some meets and greets with his fans. After all, it’s the fans who make or break TV personalities and celebrities. The same goes for reality TV stars. Michael Simmons s trying to gain as much hype for his sister as possible. He is also attempting to reach out to his fans. Let’s take a look at how it exactly went for him.

Along with meeting fans, motivational speeches are also on his to-do list. He is also contacting his manager to find out the cities in which most of his fans reside. Michael Simmons has also updated his Instagram with the same message for his followers. He doesn’t know where to go first. However, he has definitely decided to go on with the meets and greets. He has given the username of his managers page. Michael made it clear to the fans that he wouldn’t mind flooding the manager’s page with their whereabouts.

From Cali Capitol’s post, we can see that she is her manager now. “It is my honor to announce yours truly is now the manager for @theofficialmilli_,” is what she wrote on her Instagram page. She also added that they are excited about the upcoming journey. #loveafterlockup #reality #myclient #wetv #hismanager #radio #clubapperances #bookings #publicfigure #positivevibes #bosslady #wegotyou #weworking #averifiedcollection are some of the hashtags she concluded the post with.

Cali Capitol Making Michael’s Upcoming Appearances Official

Cali flew to Flint, Michigan from her home California to work on some projects concerning Michael. Thanks to Cali’s promotional skills and attractive posts, as a result,  fans now know that the ex-convict is up for club appearances, live performances, meet & greet, and motivational speaking. She urged fans to drop their city names or tag a promoter or club in their city.

Is There Any Update On The Famous Love After Lockup Love Triangle?

With Michael meeting fans in person, viewers of the season 2 of Love After Lockup are excited. They want to hear about updates regarding his relationship status. It seems like they really wish to know what is going on with Sarah, Megan, and Michael. What do you think is the fate of the trio? Also, who do you think will Michael end up with? Let us know in the comments below.