Love After Lockup: Tracie Arrested In Texas, While She Was Supposed To Be With Clint In New Mexico

Love After Lockup

It seems like Love After Lockup star Tracie just doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble! According to the latest incident, the cops arrested the reality TV star for possession of drugs recently. Let’s take a look at the entire incident.

Love After Lockup: Tracie’s recent Arrest on August 6th

On 6th August, the cops once again put Tracie behind the bars for the possession of drugs. The incident took place in Benford, Texas as she possessed a controlled substance. The Tarrant County online records state that she was in the police custody till late Friday evening. They are holding her on a bail amount of $5000.

Love After Lockup: Tracie’s Terrifying Mugshot

Tracie’s mugshot is something of a terrifying nature. If we take a close look at it, Tracie seems extremely depressed. In fact, she is in tears. Her hair is pulled up on the right side and is shoulder-length. The left side of her head is almost shaved. Friday night’s episode of Love After Lockup portrayed her in a totally different limelight. She appeared fine with her husband Clint and they were an integral part of the cast. However, the way she is looking in her mugshot is completely different from that of how she appeared in the finale.

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This is to all you haters and whom ever . This is to shut y’all up about ur speculation of us being High ll the time. Just for the record if we want to smoke crack will go and smoke crack. If we want to do meth .. then we’ll go & do it. We don’t need your permission to go do anything or do we care what you really think . You’re not paying our bills. I told you I’ve been doing good and I’ve been doing good I don’t Oweany explanation. So yeah you can just say what you want that’s up to you . You’re not hurting my feelings any. So yeah..: mf crack! If you’re interested in buying one of the shirts…. pls talk to @ginamerico

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Love After Lockup: Tracie and Clint’s Wedding Wows

Late in the month of March, Clint and Tracie renewed their wedding vows. Fans got to see the broadcast of the incident on the finale. She profoundly expressed her love for Clint. She also said that they are going to be each other’s love forever. The details about her arrest are still vague. The exact issue is not clear. However, the reality TV star has dropped some hints on the way. Let’s take a look.

Tracie took to Instagram to reveal that she is suffering from a relapse. She took to drugs again and apparently, wasn’t very regretful about it. Tracie wrote in a shameless post on July 26th, slamming haters on shaming them for being high all the time. She also mentioned that if she wants to smoke crack, she will. The same goes for Meth. Tracie also made it clear that the haters are not able to hurt her feelings anyway.

Love After Lockup: Why Was Tracie In Texas?

As per the records, she was supposed to be with her husband Clint in New Mexico. However, why she was in Texas during the time of her arrest is still unknown. On her wedding night, she got high, stole Clint’s rental car and money and abandoned him in the hotel room. She got arrested and even after her release, Tracie didn’t contact Clint. Then when she got arrested, she called him. Even though Clint’s family thought that he deserved better, he called for a lawyer to pay her legal fees.

She broke up with him. But soon after, she insisted that she loved him. Clint took him back and since then, they have been trying to build a life together.


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