Mama June’s Boyfriend Caught Red Handed Sexting Other Women

Mama June

Geno and Mama June have been facing a lot of troubles in their relationship. Recently, things escalated to a whole new level when her boyfriend was caught sexting other women. As of now, her family wants him gone. Doak has been sending his nudes to other women online. He is in a relationship with June. Multiple women have leaked the screenshots. As a result, the cat’s out of the bag, and now everyone knows what Geno has been up to.

There was one time, he was with June while he slyly texted another woman. He also mentioned to her that June was right there. A woman named Tina Harry revealed that Geno started texting her as soon as he and Mama June were out of prison. He also invited her for a trip to Alabama and said that he would pay for it. She was having difficulties in taking a break from work. Geno sent her his nudes and even face-timed her when June was asleep.

Geno Doak Facetiming Other Women Behind June’s Back

Tina also revealed that she was only talking to him as she thought it was cool that he was on TV. She isn’t sure how he found her on Instagram. Also, she wasn’t sure if it was really him until he face-timed her. He also told her that he wasn’t in love with June. He also said that he wished Tina was there in place of June.

Mama June

The couple has had their fair share of problems. Once, the police discovered crack cocaine in their car after a domestic violence scene at the gas station. The couple was arrested on the grounds of drug paraphernalia and the possession of a controlled substance. He also threatened to kill Mama June amid the dispute.

The court ordered him to stay away from her. Despite the order, they are in a relationship. Mama June states that he is very good with her children and she is in love with her.

June’s Family Wants Geno Gone For Good

Clearly, June’s family is appalled by this behavior. They realize that he doesn’t have her best interest at heart and is in no way concerned about her well-being. Insiders say that the man has a history of inappropriately chatting with other women even when he is with June. Those close to her want Geno out of her life as soon as possible. Now, since everything is clear, June should have no problem showing Geno the exit from the relationship.

After all this, will June still stay with him? Will she defend him just like she did last time? Or will her family intervene to bring her back to her senses? Clearly, this is a classic situation of one-sided love where June is the only person making all the efforts in the relationship. What do you think should be her next course of action? Let us know in the comments below.


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