‘Married At First Sight’ Season 9: Confirmed? On-Going Casting Updates

Married at First Sight Spoilers

We all know very well that two couples who were seen in MAFT Season 8 were not able to maintain their relationships for long and ended getting divorced. But we all still love the show and are looking forward to the Married At First Sight Season 9. Even though there was a lot of drama, fans can’t get enough of MAFS. The concept itself is so intriguing. We just wish that the new season ends with more happily married couples and less of the divorces.

Is Married At First Sight Season 9 Returning soon?

There are not any official announcements made by the channel yet. But if you observe the 12th March broadcast, you will see that the casting page says that the casting is being done in Washington D.C.

This can certainly mean that the search for strangers all ready to tie the knot has started. The Facebook status reads “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!”

Can You Apply To Be a Part of MAFS Season 9?

Sure, you can. They say in their announcement that if you are single, brave and all set to be able to take the big leap of faith, you can. You will have to answer to over 60 questions pertaining to smoking habits, the religion you are alright to be matched with, etc.

Also, you will have to provide two pictures of you. If you want you can even nominate your friend or a family member for the same.

We just wish that there are proper consent norms followed as everyone might not be too interested in getting a surprise like that.

When Will The New Season Of Married At First Sight Start?

There isn’t much information available on the exact date when the ninth season begins. But the casting process alone will take a few weeks to complete in D.C. and pairing singles accordingly will again take some more time.

When the cast gets finalized, there can be some time required for preparations as well before the filming actually starts. We need to keep in mind that the couples do remain married for a number of weeks. Then the footage that has been recorded goes through the editing process to make an episode.

But we can expect the show to premiere in a few months for sure. Regardless of the channel not making an official announcement yet the work is already being done.

Married at first sight spoilers

Who Are The Compatibility Experts?

Just like every season, the compatibility experts Pastor Calvin Robinson, psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin and sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz might be matching the couples in the coming season as well.

As we had seen already that the couples were able to spend a duration of 8 weeks together. The two of the couples, that is,  Luke and Kate and Will and Jasmine finally came to a decision of ending their marriages.

Especially in Luke and Kate’s case, Kate had said that she had feelings for Luke. But he, on the other hand, did not find Kate attractive. Even the experts agreed that there was a lack of communication.

We are excited that the 9th season is on the way and eager to see the couple reveal this year. Are you excited too? Let us know in the comments below.


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