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Married at First Sight Spoilers: Are Stephanie and AJ Going To Indulge In Their First Fight?

Married at First Sight Spoilers
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  1. EnglishRose says:

    On one of the shows, AJ threw a fit when he was told by Production that they would have to do some kind of “homework” project. He said they hadn’t been told in advance, hadn’t had time to prepare, and he wasn’t going to. The way he handled it was quite aggressive, and I think that’s what took her by surprise.
    I don’t see any of these couples making it, especially Luke and Kate. When he told her she repulsed him and made him feel dead inside, I had to wonder if he’s even into women. He was so thoughtless and hateful. How can she recover from that? I think she’s incredibly naive in saying that she thinks there’s still a chance they could eventually fall in love. There’s something very fishy about Luke. The looks that passed between him and his groomsmen when she walked down the aisle and he recognized her were strange. They immediately knew why he looked taken aback. Strange fellow. She should dump him before she’s any more emotionally damaged than she already has been.

    1. jeff says:

      So right. Kate is not the problem.

    2. Deborah Davis says:

      How can Kate be attracted to Luke? His honeymoon words “I feel dead inside” and “repulsed” would have IMMEDIATELY ended if for me. It feels as if she’s silently saying “Please love me, oh please want me.” Which makes me wonder if she has some deep seated emotional problems. Because Luke is NOT attractive (to me) and his cruel words make him even less attractive. I agree that there is something “fishy” about Luke. The way he’s manipulating people by saying Kate has a drinking problem is sickening. If he’s so repulsed by her then why doesn’t he leave? I’m sorry, but I cannot stand that man! Kate is beautiful. I will say I wish she didn’t have such a whiny voice. She kind of mumbles and her low self esteem really comes through. And Luke is beating her down even more with his cruel words.

      1. Vicki S. says:

        Kate’s voice is unusual. But that can be improved with voice training.
        This is the most blatant case of, “he’s just not that into you” I have ever seen. I think he is bisexual. I also think he’s really into porn, which can ruin and distort ones sexual expectations and experiences. She needs to RUN not walk away from him. He is in a state of confusion. He’s very handsome and intelligent, but he’s running some agenda that hasn’t been brought to the light of day yet. I’ll say it certainly has been an interesting season. But Kate and Stephanie both need to get away from theee two men, fast! Those particular problems never change.

  2. Deborah Davis says:

    A.J. needs to work on his impulsive anger outbursts. There is no reason an adult should react like that. If Stephanie wants to keep him, they could go to counseling together. And I hope this happens because I see them traveling together and laughing and having a great time as they age. Their personalities are just amazing together! Please work things out A.J. and Stephanie!

    1. Vicki S. says:

      AJ seriously lacks self awareness. He also has one massive sense of entitlement. It’s all about him and how he feels. I wonder if his Mama raised him to expect to be catered to like this? It’s never about what anyone around him feels or wants. And he’s OBLIVIOUS to how his behaviors affect those around him. And then you pour alcohol in him and every situation and reaction just ramps up times 10! This is the reason he is single. All of this is making me seriously question how thoroughly the “experts” vet these people. Q

  3. Ruby says:

    What is AJ’s real name?