MasterChef Season 11: Canceled Or Renewed? Will The Tasteful Journey End Here?

MasterChef Season 11

The tenth installment of Fox’s long-running cookery show recently ended. Fans are now gearing up for MasterChef Season 11. The ten-year-old series is one of the best cooking shows of all and has never failed to impress the viewers. But will it return for another run? Here’s everything to know.

MasterChef has been running for way too long and has given us some of the finest memories ever. The format is intense and full of thrill. Besides, it’s one of the best offers for cooking-enthusiasts. Despite being monotonous in its construction, the series never goes out of fashion. People around the country still enjoy watching a different set of competitors every year, and one of them eventually winning the MasterChef title.

MasterChef Season 11

Dorian Hunter Wins Season 10

The tenth season of the series was quite a difficult journey for the contestants. New challenges and tasks leveled up the game this year. However, three contestants cleared every difficulty and reached the top. At first, Nick DiGiovanni gets eliminated, leaving the judges and audiences with two options. Then began the final showdown, and Dorian Hunter wins the MasterChef title. She wins the $250,000, the trophy, and training at the three judges’ restaurants. On the other hand, Sarah Faherty becomes the runner-up.

MasterChef Season 11

Season 10 Ratings Fall!

All of the cookery show’s installments have performed pretty well for FOX. The rating had been steady with a continually rising bar of commercial success. However, the tenth season of the series turns out to be rated lower than its last run. It averaged a 0.76 rating in the 18-49 demographic, with around 3.05 million viewers. Sadly, as compared to Season 9, that’s down by 24% and 13%, respectively. As of now, we can only hope for MasterChef Season 11 to score better.

Will FOX Renew MasterChef Season 11?

FOX is yet to announce an official renewal of its favorite show. However, casting notices for MasterChef Season 11 hint that it will certainly be back next year. Well, the beloved series has to end sometime in the future, but fans will surely have atleast one season to enjoy, as of now. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will be back with another set of cooks for a brand new cooking battle soon.

How To Audition For MasterChef Season 11?

FOX is currently calling in applications for MasterChef Season 11. An official link is open on for interested home cooks to apply. The website lists scheduled dates and locations for the open calls. Applicants can also pre-register for one of the open calls. We wish you all the luck!

MasterChef Season 11: Release Date

The popular TV network is yet to announce a firm release date of their beloved series. However, the MasterChef installments usually begin to telecast in the Summers. Specifically, the previous three seasons all came out in late-Mays. Hence, we can hope for Season 11 to air sometime by the end of May 2020. Are you ready for another round? Tell us in the comments below!

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