My 600 Lb Life: Diana Bunch Stops Filming And Says She Won’t Return To The Show

My 600 Lb Life

The famous My 600 Lb Life alum Diana Bunch has stopped filming and has no plans to return on the show. She is bidding farewell to My 600 Lb Life, and her fans couldn’t be more disappointed. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

My 600 Lb Life: Diana Saying Goodbye To The Show

Diana suffered from some addictions that resulted in her gaining a lot of excess weight. The sad news is that we won’t be able to see her on the show anymore. But the good news is that she has successfully reached her weight loss goals and is striving to be better with each passing day. For many years, we have watched Diana’s life unfold. We saw her trying to get over the traumatic incident of molestation.

My 600 Lb Life

Initially, fans thought that her situation was hopeless as she lay in bed with blisters flaring up her legs. When we first saw her, she was over 600 pounds. Her journey to Texas from Washington was next to a terrible nightmare. However, when fans gained a deeper insight into her life, they admired her. She even lost her job from the airforce. But Diana tackled her situation with the utmost courage and determination. From more than 600 pounds, the reality TV star dropped her weight, and it came down to 195 pounds.

My 600 Lb Life: Diana Gives Updates On Facebook

According to TV Shows Ace, Diana took to her Facebook page to reveal her progress. She showed off her biceps and the scar she got from skin removal surgery. One fan posed the question of whether viewers will be able to see her in Where Are They Now? My 600 Lb Life star refused and said that she was already at her goal weight when the second episode aired. So, there won’t be any more updates.

She seems to be firm on the no follow-ups thing. However, it seems like falling back into the same old unhealthy patterns isn’t something that can ever cross her mind again. She has proven how strong and brave she is.

TLC also posted about Diana’s success, and she replied by thanking them for the kind words. Moreover, she expressed gratitude towards her family, friends, and Dr. Nowzaradan, without whom, this couldn’t have been possible. One of the fans congratulated her on her success and wished her all the best for her future endeavors.

Weight loss is a challenging task, and Diana has sure come a long way. Even though Diana won’t be back on the show, her success story is sure to inspire millions. Moreover, she is likely to post more updates in the future on her Facebook page.

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